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Germany Immigration from India

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long-term residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany for six months and look for work on your own. Through this visa, Germany intends to attract highly educated skilled immigrants who are able to meet the requirements of the country’s skills shortage. The job seeker visa is valid for a period of 6 months. If an applicant has been successful in finding work within this period, he/she can convert the Job Seeker visa into a long-term residence permit.

Germany – A Wonderful Destination For Immigrants

Vibrant large cities, fairy-tale castles, and villages, breath-taking nature from the North Sea to the Alps: Germany is a country with a thousand faces! Germany is the economic engine of Europe and it is one of the richest and safest countries in the world. Its educational system is free and highly competitive Highly skilled workers (particularly the STEM graduates) are in great demand in Germany because of the demographic shift. In Germany, you have the opportunity to discover new professional perspectives and to develop yourself freely in your professional and private life.

Key Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa

Here are the key benefits of this popular Germany visa

  • The job seeker visa allows you to stay in Germany and look out for suitable work for yourself
  • After getting a long-term work opportunity, you can apply for a residence permit
  • On completion 5 years on a residence permit, you can apply for permanent residency in Germany

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Eligibility Requirements of Germany Job Seeker Visa

  • Applicant must be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from German Universities or foreign degrees equivalent to German Degrees.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of five years’ experience related to the field of studies.
  • The applicant must show the proofs of sufficient funds to support his/her stay in Germany.
  • Applicants must have travel or medical insurance to cover the entire period of the stay until the residence permit is granted.
  • The applicant is required to show Minimum 3.5 lakhs in liquid cash.

Documents Checklist for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, the next step is to gather the required documents to support your application for the visa. The supporting documents assure the immigration officers that you meet the criteria of Germany Job Seeker Visa. Hence, you must attach an accurate and complete set of required documents along with your application to boost your chances of selection for this visa.

The documents checklist needed along with your Germany Job Seeker Visa application are as follows:

  • A valid passport (issued in the last 10 years and valid for minimum12 months after your scheduled return)
  • An A4 Size copy of your passport’s data page
  • 3 Passport Size Pictures as per the biometric specifications.
  • A cover letter explaining the objective of your visit to, how you plan to find work, the period of stay in Germany, as well as further career options in case you cannot find employment.
  • Proof of Educational qualification (Degree from Germany University or an equivalent degree) along with certificates of past work experience Your Resume (Including complete details about education and work experience)
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany (i.e. your plan of stay in Germany, i.e. with friends, relatives, etc.)