Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa

Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 is awarded on the basis of points scored by skilled workers who are not sponsored by their family, territory, state or employer.
With the help of this permanent visa (PR), you can work and live in Australia and include eligible members of the family in your application. New Zealand stream and points tested stream are two different streams. In order to submit a valid application for this type of visa, you should submit your SkillSelect Expression of Interest under points tested stream. You can get an invitation to apply by meeting the score required and other requirements. You can work and live in Australia with this PR visa.

Eligibility Requirements (points tested stream)
Here are the eligibility criteria to get Skilled Independent Visa under points tested stream –
● Expression of Interest
● Right skills assessment for the job
● Occupation listed on Skilled Occupation list
● Proper skills assessment for the job
● Aged above 18 years and under 45 years when issuing invitation
● Health and character requirements
● English language proficiency test score submitted
● Score minimum 65 points

How to apply for Skilled Independent visa subclass 189?
First of all, you need to submit an Expression of Interest. You have to submit an online application within 60 days of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa. You can understand the process by considering your invitation letter. These invitations are based on claims in Expression of Interest when you get an invitation. Application must be supported by the evidence which is relevant and provided in Expression of Interest.

Requirements for Visa 189 (New Zealand stream)
You need to –
● Have subclass 444 New Zealand Special Category Visa
● Lived in Australia for the past 5 years to the minimum
● Started living in Australia before or on February 19,2016
● Meet character and health guidelines
● Earn taxable income with threshold of over AU$53,900 for all the four income years completed before filing application

Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 Points Breakdown

● 18 to 25 years – 25 points
● 25 to 33 years – 30 points
● 33 to 40 years – 25 points
● 40 to 45 years – 15 points

English Language Proficiency
● Competent Level – 0 points
● Proficient Level – 10 points
● Superior level – 20 points

Skilled Work Experiences
It consists of your skilled work experience overseas (out of Australia)
● Below 3 years – 0 points
● 3 to 5 years – 5 Points
● 5 to 8 years – 10 points
● 8 years – 15 points

The following list includes skilled work experience in Australia –
● Below 1 year – 0 points
● 1 to 3 years – 5 points
● 3 to 5 years – 10 points
● 5 to 8 years – 15 points
● 8 years – 20 points
● You must be employed for a minimum of 20 hours a week on full time occupation.
● You can claim employment points only if it falls under the list of nominated skilled occupations or closely related to them, and you were in the job for specific periods on the table, over the past 10 years before getting invited for application.

Academic Qualifications
● Doctorate from an educational institution in Australia or any other recognized institution – 20 points
● Bachelor degree from an educational institution in Australia or similar qualification from any other recognized institution – 15 points
● Achieved award or qualification recognized by a concerned authority for your skilled occupation which is nominated – 10 points
● Trade certification or diploma from an educational institution in Australia – 10 points

Study Requirement in Australia
You should have a minimum 1 diploma, degree or trade from an educational institution meeting study requirements in Australia to score 5 points.

Completing Professional Year in Australia
You must have completed Professional Year in Australia when getting an invitation to apply to score 5 points. You must have completed professional year in ICT/Computing, Accounting, or Engineering, and –
● In your closely related or nominated occupation
● Completed over the last 12 months
● Completed in the four years in Australia before invitation to apply
● Provided by CPA Australia, Australian Computer Society, Institute of Public Accountants, Engineers Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Credentialed Community Language
● Recognized qualification in this category – 5 points

To be awarded with points and credentialed in community level, you should have paraprofessional level accreditation or above, have community language credential to translate and interpret by Accreditation Authority, or certified at provincial level.

Studying in Eligible Regional Area of Australia
● At least 1 diploma, degree or trade from educational institution in Australia obtained while studying and living in eligible regional area – 5 points

Your academic qualification –
● Obtained while studying and living in the campus of an eligible regional area
● Not include distance education
● Meet Australia Study Requirement

The Australia Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa belongs to a permanent residence visa and once you acquire this fixed or stable visa then you will be allowed to live and stay in Australia for a lifetime basis. Even, this visa category is actually provided to the skilled workers and no any family member, employer, and state or territory sponsor for this visa type rather, the persons can stay and continue their work freely anywhere in Australia permanently. An important feature is that any of your family members who have enough skill and knowledge their names will be also mentioned while filling the application forms.

Points Test Required

The visa is actually prepared on the basis of points test system through the visa candidates will be selected by checking the skills, attributes, knowledge and qualification and these basic abilities will assist the persons to get the appropriate jobs in a particular field that completely matches with their skills and expertise.

Basic Terms and Condition to apply for the Australia Skilled Independent migration Program:

  • Persons must score a minimum of 60 points.
  • Your age should less than 50 years when you will be called to apply exactly.
  • When you will be nominated for employment then it must match with your skills and knowledge as well as that also applicable on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • need to be proficient in the English language. Must meet the health care perquisites. Also, need to maintain the requirements of the character.

Family or Dependents You can also include the family members on your application forms:

  • Spouses. Your dependent children, as well as your spouses’ dependent children, are allowed.
  • Your dependent relatives, as well as your spouses’ dependent relatives, are allowed

What this Visa helps you and your family members exactly?

Lots of benefits you can enjoy once you obtain this visa and those are:

  • As you get this visa so, you can be a permanent citizen of Australia.
  • You will be permitted to work in Australia on a permanent basis.
  • You can pursue your study from anywhere in Australia.
  • You will be provided the facilities for Medicare and health care scheme.
  • You can also be nominated for permanent Australian citizenship (it subject to residency eligibility conditions).
  • You can sponsor any close relatives, friends, and family members for permanent settle down in Australia.

Australia Skilled Visa Procedure

This Skilled Independent Visa (Sub Class 189) is basically based on three phases of application procedures.

Phase 1:

At the beginning of the application, the procedure is completely based on skills assessment and that will be relevant to the government body. Your entire skills assessment permits the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to evaluate that you have enough knowledge and skills that match your occupation what you have chosen to get trained in Australia.

Phase 2:

If you are successfully meet the positive skill assessment requirements in-appropriate manner then after this step you also need to provide and submit the Expression of Interest with the assistance of Skill Select. Even, you can complete this process either in or outside of Australia.

Phase 3:

If you are allowed for ITA or Invitation To Apply then, you can be also permitted for the DIAC phase of the application where you can ultimately submit your last and final application that will be authorized by DIAC and your visa will be approved.

Conditions apply for the Australian Skilled Visa

The applicants should be provided five years multiple entry visa to stay and work in Australia as well. You can live in Australia for 2 years only out of five years where you have to again extend the time period of visa for a further five years. However, you can conveniently stay for four successive years in Australia and then will be entitled to Australian citizenship.

Besides these, you need to fill out the Online Assessment to settle on in Australia then you have to be eligible and able to fulfill the perquisites for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) as highly qualified migrants.