Australia Study Visa and Scope for International Students

It is mandatory for all international students to have a Student Visa to study in Australia. Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) has been applied and visa guidelines for study visa in Australia have been changed w.e.f. July 1, 2016. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has introduced new guidelines regarding visa application. Interested students should apply for Student Visa (subclass 500) to study in Australia.

Student Visa (Subclass 500) Australia Requirements

To ensure your eligibility for Australia student visa (subclass 500), you should have an offer for full-time study at an educational institution based in Australia. When applying for visa, you will be required to submit your Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE). The Department of Home Affairs has issued enrollment requirements for students.

  • Enrollment in a CRICOS approved course in Australia
  • Students must have passed an English language exam to a required level
  • Students must be covered with Overseas Student Health insurance
  • Students should prove their genuine temporary entry, which shows they are not planning to stay after finishing studies in Australia.


Band requirement for Australia study visa

For graduation in Australia

Students must achieve at least 6 band score after completing their senior-secondary education before going to Australia. However, eligibility criteria varies institute from institute. Students must visit the respective college or university website before applying.

For post-graduation in Australia

Many international students pursue their post-graduation courses in Australia. They will require minimum band score of 6.5. With right strategy and guidance, students can achieve even higher band score.

Australia Student Visa Process Time

The process time for Australia student visa varies by stream you are applying for. The processing time also varies as per the individual circumstances, such as –

  • Your quick response to the requests.
  • How frequently you can apply for visa with the right supporting documents.
  • Length of time required to get additional details regarding character, health etc.
  • Time required finishing the important verifications of supporting documents.


For the recent processing time for student visa (subclass 500), please refer to their streams:

  • Defense or Foreign Affairs – The processing time for this stream is based on when you file visa application. Around 90% of applications are processed in 48 days and 75% of them in 25 days.
  • Non-Award Sector – This type of visa stream plays a vital role in the economic development of the country. So, it takes least time for processing. Around 75% of applications take 6 days to process and 90% take 22 days to process.
  • Postgraduate Research – This student visa stream takes longer time, with 75% of applications taking 49 days and 90% taking 74 days to process.
  • School sector – Students who participate in secondary exchange program are eligible for student visa (subclass 500). For 75%, the processing time is 43 days and for 90%, processing time is 77 days.
  • Independent ELICOS – The Independent ELICOS stream takes longer time for processing. 75% applications require 37 days and 90% require 68 days. 
  • Vocational Training and Education – The processing time is longest in this stream. 75 percent of applications take 61 days and 90 percent take 82 days.
  • Higher Education – Seventy five percent applications take 25 days and 90% take 46 days.

An international student has to pay tuition fee in lump sum for the course they prefer. The fee for undergraduate bachelor degree is ranging from AU$15000 to AU$33000. It ranges from AU$20,000 to AU$37,000 for master’s degree. It costs from AU$14,000 to AU$37,000 for doctoral degree.

These estimates don’t cover expensive courses like medicine or veterinary science. Please refer to the institute website for fee details regarding those courses. International scholarship is also available for students to fund their living costs and studies. Australian universities and individual funding bodies offer scholarships to international students. The average fee for English language programs are AU$300 per week, as per the length of the course. For example, vocational courses like Certificate I to IV, Advanced Diplomas and Diplomas cost around AU$4000 to AU$22,000 according to the level of study.

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