How I Got My First Job In Canada During The Pandemic?

I Got My First Job In Canada

I finally obtain my first job in Canada amid the pandemic, but the journey was a bit far from ordinary.

Immigration to the abroad country is the crucial step of everyone’s life. However, if done in a relevant manner, it can lead to lifetime happiness, a much better life, an opportunity to live your dreams. After working for several years in India, I make up my mind to work and settle in Canada to get closer to the western tradition. It is natural that when you settle in a new country, you face problems in the begging while finding a job but once you are used to it you will enjoy living there. The same was the case with me. First, I was anxious when I was not getting the job, but I would surely get one eventually.

Tips for finding a job in Canada as new immigrants

1. Resume is key

No doubt, your experience plays a vital in getting you a job, but it also depends on how you present your resume. Thus, a Canadian-style resume is the first most crucial step to seek the hiring employer’s attention. Things that you should focus on while presenting your resume properly frame your job description, and do not forget to follow the Canadian style. Connect with the people in your field with whom you can discuss the Canadian market of your sector.

2. Apply through the company website

Large numbers of immigrants I met during my job search were said to apply directly through the company website. It is another tip to follow when looking to apply for Canada’s job as a new immigrant. Most of the immigrants get positive results when applying directly from the company website.

3. Identify the company and recruiters

Before you apply for the job, it is always an ideal solution o connect with the people in your field. Also, they will tell you about the primary perspective of the hiring manager. If you connect with the right people, they will help you understand the vital part and figure out the weak areas you have to work on.

4. Patience is important

It is usually that when you go for the job interview, there are fewer chances of you getting hired by the first instance only. It is natural that when you apply for the job, most of the time, companies do not give any response that you might have applied to. Being rejected even after lots of efforts is one of the unfortunate events that most aspirants undergo, primarily when you have not worked for months. Do not mess up. Keep trying and be patient good things take time.

The time of land and job search is significant.

There is a lack of job opportunities available between Novembers to January. From this, it has clearly been understood that because of the slowing down of the market and impact, COVID has reduced the number of job opportunities for the aspirants. Things start falling in the favor from February, and by March, most of the immigrants were getting the call for the interviews. So always, believe in landing and job search time that plays a vital role in getting you the job.

5. Never give up

In the end, be strong and keep trying. The decision to move to abroad countries is a challenging and complex step. You might face many challenges during the journey of settling down to the abroad country. However, never give up just after facing the difficulties. Only believe in yourself and think that no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. Keep trying until you do not achieve your goals. Once you achieve the dream, you will be the first person to feel the happiness of success.

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