How Long Does It Take For Express Entry Immigration To Canada

This is one of the basic questions that is generally asked by many Canadian immigrants as everyone wants their application to proceed fast. They always worry about How long the application will take to get approved. How much time it will take to proceed. But, many factors arise before the approval. Let us see the processing time for Express Entry Immigration Canada.

Processing Times for Canadian Immigration

All the candidates who applied for their visa or work grant need to take the average processing time and them during the time of calculating the time it will take for their application.

In general, processing time clearly states the time that authorities will take with the IRCC, i.e., Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, for the application processing from the day of receiving it to taking the decision. The thing you need to consider here is submitting the expression of Interest, and receiving the Invitation to Apply, submitting the application, preparing the documents, mailing of finalized visas, status cards, etc.

What affects my Processing Time?

There are many things you need to consider that will affect the processing time of the application:

Country of residence: Even, sometimes the processing of IRCC depends on the country of residence of a person. Before December 2015, the different services will show according to the Visa office. And even the application for both the temporary and permanent resident Canada, visas, and permits is processed in the Visa office. Even today, the applications are almost moved to the global network to make the processing efficient. Even your application may not be processed at the nearest visa offices and the application’s processing efficiently.

Type of Application: The processing time also differs as per the work permits and visa types. Even the type of application and the number of being processed can affect both the processing time. And if the program gets more applications, then it can be the situation of longer processing time.

Completeness: IRCC can even decline the candidate if the application is found to be incomplete. You can even request more information, and even the delay in processing can also happen.

Average Processing Times for Immigration Programs

The processing time is not guaranteed, and only estimates can be taken. Sometimes, the processing time depends on applying electronically, which will be done using the Online procedure and even the hard copy through a paper-based procedure. Remember that the things mentioned above are not ensured and are liable to change without notice at the attentiveness of IRCC.

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