Visitors Have More Time To Apply For Work Permits Within Canada

Apply Work Permits Withi Canada

Canada is expanding the 2020 corona virus-related measure to enables the temporary residents having job offers can easily apply for their work permit without leaving the country.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) officially launched the measure ranging between August 24, 2020, and March 31, 2021. As per the recent IRCC media release, now foreign nationals in Canada having a visitor status will benefit from the temporary policy till August 31, 2021.

The eligibility criteria have been updated now that visitor with valid job offers get the benefits of applying for the employer-specific work permit, despite the date they moved to Canada.

Processing, immigrations will have to register for their initial work permit before arriving in Canada. In case they are already present in Canada when they got approved for a work permit, they have to leave Canada and then return to activate their work permit.

After Thursday, April 1, visitors who are looking to get benefits from the new measure:

  • Should have a valid status in Canada as a visitor on the day they register;
  • Should have lived in a Canada with valid status;
  • Should have valid job offers
  • Submit an in-Canada application for employer work permit passed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an LMIA-exempt opportunity for employment before August 31, 2021; and
  • Fulfill all the required standard admissibility requirements like medical and criminal checks, among others.

Canada’s temporary policy enables the immigrants to begin working as a new employer till their work permit application is in progress, only if they have a valid work permit in the past 12 months. To begin working before getting approved, immigrants must understand how to receive authorization to work while they wait for the approval. The very first stage in it to contact the IRCC visa the web form.

The expansion can be an advantage for the visitors who were able to move to Canada during corona virus-related travel restrictions. Since March 2020, Canada’s borders have been turning down for the visitor until they are excused for a reason like reuniting with family.

Larger than 1,000 visitors have a visitor status register for a work permit by the latest public policy, though it will officially be organized last summer.