Which Sector, Candidates Have High Chances To Get A Canadian PR Visa?

High Chances To Get A Canadian PR Visa

The waiting duration to proceed with your Canadian permanent residence visa through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program has been preponed 45 days. As per the Canadian authorities, the draw welcomes every international student. It is also eligible for the people to choose for the post-secondary course, mainly for those who applied for the 40-odd colleges across Canada.

Now students can grab several opportunities after completing their undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degree courses. After completing the top course to study in Canada, they also get eligible for a permanent residence visa. Canada is known as one of the most hospitable countries to welcome huge student populations.

So now, the question is which sector the higher chance of getting the PR visa have. Keep on reading to find which sector can be suitable for you to begin with the Canadian immigration journey. Below mentioned sector, Candidates have a higher chance to get a Canadian PR visa.

Top sectors have the more significant changes of getting Canadian PR visa:

Masters of business administration

Masters of business administration is the most demanded sector, with most of the aspirants looking for employment. Thus, the MBA sector is shortlisted in Canada’s occupation list. Even the candidates who have completed their MBA have a higher possibility to get a Canadian PR Visa.

IT & Computer Science

Another most demanded sector of great importance is Information Technology (IT) and engineering and computer science. After completing these courses, candidates can get Canadian permanent residence and get high-paying jobs in Canada. From the IT software engineers to project managers, every candidate gets a higher chance of getting PR in Canada.

Finance and business

Graduated from the finance and business sector opens job opportunities for candidates ready to understand the culture and financial markets’ applications. Also, they quickly get PR residence in Canada. Economics is the subject in which students get formal training to foresee the economy, mainly Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Engineering sector

Most of the engineers’ job opportunities lie in the central Canada region, where engineers’ demand has continuously increased. Even Toronto province is also continuously inviting candidates from the engineering sector, as these regions want the manufacturing sector’s presence. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Chemical and Engineering Management all these have demand in Canada. That why candidates from the engineering sector have a high chance of getting a Canadian PR visa.

Medicine and health care sector

After the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the candidates’ requirement from the medicine and health care sector has been increased as pursuing the degree in Medicine, Bioscience, and Healthcare, the candidates’ possibilities to get the PR increases. Studying in these sectors quickly gets jobs ranging from biotechnology, biological sciences, and pharmacy sectors.

Media and journalism

The most demanded sector for the candidates looking to get PR Visa easily is media and journalism as these sectors connect the candidates in public relations, Advertising, and marketing fields.

Candidates quickly get the Canadian PR visa through these several sectors. Get the PR Visa candidates for the different PR listed courses like Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Canadian experience class

Candidates who passed out from the post-secondary school are eligible to apply for the program. Candidates have to get the education credential to post their study completion from the Canadian campus. Apart from this, they are also qualified for the program if they have work experience in a one-year full-time skilled position.

Quebec Experience Class

In this class, students can register for the program and do not required any working experience if they have completed their education in Quebec and also done a Vocational, Bachelor’s/Masters or PhD degree.

Provincial nomination programs

Several regions in Canada like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and several other regions run the draws through which the international candidates can apply for the Canadian PR visa and increase their chances of getting the Canadian PR visa quickly.

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