Why I chose to move to Canada?

Why I Chose Canada?

Many things come into mind when we think of Canada. This is one of the prominent places with a great environment. Below I’ve shared some of the things that is based on the decision to move to Canada.

First, three things come to my mind when I think of Canada. These are the massive land areas, the cold white winters, and the red maple leaves.

However, practically, Canada has much more to offer, like the beautiful snow and the maple syrup if we see. Keep on reading to know why I chose Canada.

  1. The nation, i.e., Canada, is massive as it ranges across more than 9 million square kilometers and across 6-time regions, making it the second-biggest country after Russia.
  2. You will see the Canadian yellow bear as we used to see the most renowned youngsters’ story; Winnie the Pooh is said to have been founded on a bear whelp shipped off the London Zoo from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  3. Canada, no doubt, considers as the World’s most educated nation as it is said that over a portion of the Canadian population conveys a higher education.
  4. Canada is loaded up with lakes, and it contains around one-fifth of all the fresh water on the planet, with 250,000 lakes in Ontario alone.
  5. There is no doubt that Canada is the 6th most tranquil nation as they don’t fight wars over attacking countries and have strict law implementation.

Apart from all this, some other reasons are there that helped me to choose Canada. Let us read.

Very Immigrant Friendly — Canada is, by all means, a philanthropic nation that makes its way for some outsiders. Hence, there is a great deal of social distinction the nation over, and individuals get treated decently.

High work rates: Canada has an extensively high business pace of 26% as of August 2019 (however, the situation isn’t similar at this point). As far as the openings for work for immigrants, the image could be somewhat extraordinary. If you are a talented immigrant, you will have a decent possibility of making sure about the employment you need and acquiring decent compensation. Different positions are sought after in various districts of the nation. If you follow an alternate way to deal with getting Canadian PR, you can use the Job Bank to find work that works for many people. You can make a record with Job Bank whenever you have begun to apply for Canadian PR and start your quest for new employment. Another compelling platform that a great many people may be acquainted with is LinkedIn.

Right Health Care: Canada gives excellent medical care to its residents. They have a freely financed medical care system that depends on the need instead of the capacity to pay. In simple words, you pay taxes that return right to you as free medical care when you need it. Isn’t it amazing?

Well-rounded schooling: Canada positioned the third-best nation for education in 2019. With its public and private financed educational institution and being the World’s most taught nation, Canada may be the best spot to bring up your children with well-rounded schooling.

High Living Standard: Overall, Canada has high expectations for everyday comforts, from natural air to great food to adequate new water.

While applying for the Canadian PR a year ago, I searched for the above reasons. Things may be somewhat extraordinary right now, with COVID becoming possibly the essential factor. Even I trust that the circumstance would get back to business as usual, and Canada would be the Canada I envisioned prior to applying.

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