Why Are Some People Migrating To Canada Having A PR Visa But Not Getting A Job?

Having A PR Visa But Not Getting A Job

Commonly, most people, even after migrating to Canada with a PR visa, do not get a job. It is challenging some people to find the jobs in Canada. Everyone migrates to Canada to build their career, but they are too disappointed and let them down when they did not get a job. Below are some of the reason why most of the people do not get the job in Canada.

Not have required Canadian work experience.

Even after having a PR visa, some people who do not get a job do not have the required work experience. This is the common reason faced by most of the migrants apply for the job. The real meaning is that if you are newcomers who migrated to Canada, you do not have the required work experience. Not enough work experience means that you do not understand Canada’s work culture. They are concerned about whether you can fit perfectly in the company culture and get along with newcomers.

At times not having required Canadian work experience means that:

  • You do not have fluent English.
  • Your skills do not meet the requirement of the job.
  • You do not have enough knowledge of Canadian culture.

While applying for the job, remember one thing: Canadian employers always search for those who work hard and are always dedicated to learning new things and adapt to whatever you are doing, regardless of whether they are less qualified but should have the dedication to work harder.

Lack of communication skills during the interview

No employers wish to hire someone who comes for an interview and does not have appropriate communication skills. It is always important to practice for an interview before you apply for a job interview. Always make sure about the preferred language to look for a job in Canada.

The more you know the spoken languages as Canadian, the more chances of getting approved for the job.

The English level depends upon the position, but employers never hire someone that avoids hiring those who did not have the right communication skills required for the job.

When you go for the interviews, you will find that employers ask for the same question most of the time. The most asked question by the employers during the interview process is:

  • Can you introduce yourself?
  • Reasons for hiring you?
  • Why are you looking for this job?
  • Too much dependent on online for job finding

One of the biggest mistakes people make when searching for a job is applying for a job online. Do not simply rely on the online job posting; do not just merely submit the resume when searching for jobs online. You require coming out from your home and visiting the place of employment. Show the employers about your capabilities that you are the perfect choice for their company. Be careful with your online job search. Make an effort to visit the workplace and go to meetings, interact with people. This will help you to expand your network.

Low profile resume not up to the mark

In Canada, you do not have to get a job while you want. There are significant chances that you have to move to another job, which you did not like. In Canada, it is widespread that most people are equipped with the same higher qualifications as doctors and lawyers.

Because of not submitting the resume as per the Canadian standards, there are fewer chances of getting your job in Canada. To increase your chances of getting the job is to draft your resume as per the Canadian standards.

Doesn’t have maintained personal online brand

Another mistake made by the immigrants while looking for a job is that they have not maintained the online brand. With the surpassing of the time before referring to your resume, most hiring employers wish to search for your online profile. If they find you are too unprofessional with your LinkedIn with no profile photo, your chances of getting hired to get killed.

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