Canada Skilled Immigration Visa

Prior to 01st Jan 2015, getting Canadian Immigration was a very tough process to handle. It was completely a paper based application which is very hard to deal and manage, pipeline was jammed completely and the result was long waiting time. Candidates was not informed about their application status, thus the processing time can extend up to 5 yrs. The result of it was worst actually, people started losing their interest in getting Permanent Resident Visa to Canada and start focusing on some other countries.

Now, it’s the biggest challenge in front of Canadian government because they need skilled migrants from foreign countries to run their industries well. So, they planned well and returned all the applications which were in pipeline from more than 3 years. At that time, immigration was very slow and the occupation listed in National Occupation Classification was approximately 50. There was overall cap of 25000 applications in eligible occupation stream.

On 1st Jan. 2015, Canadian government introduced Express Entry Program to support immigrants in best possible manner. It supports four immigration plans:

Through all these programs, one can get Permanent Resident Visa of Canada, which means one can avail all the benefits of Canadian citizen except voting rights. The benefits of Canadian Permanent Resident Visa include:

  • They can work in Canada with any employer without any restrictions
  • They can study in any reputed institution and considered as domestic student by them
  • They can get free education up to 18 years of age in the Canadian public school system
  • They can run their own business
  • They can get free Medical services
  • They can get protection under Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms
  • They can apply for Canadian citizenship and work in USA also with Canadian passport

What makes Canada best place to live

Canada is located in the continent of North America and it’s a cold place. Although, Ontario and British Columbia is the warmest provinces amongst all. Air quality of Canada is good; they used to take many precautions as they have energy sector, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, water resources and mineral resources. The population of Canada is 3.67 crores and these peoples are very concerned about their environment and well-being. They are expanding industries to join hands with foreign nationals in order to grow economically and result of that, we have got chance to enhance our skills and get career growth.

Who can apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa?

Candidates can find a skilled occupation list released by Canadian government where you can track your occupation in Nation Occupation Classification. Each of the occupation has got a specific code which is called NOC Code. After getting your code, you need to ensure that whether you are fulfilling the employment requirement or not, your age must be below 44 years and you should have 1 year of work experience. Managerial, Middle Level and Trade person can file their application.

Canada skilled immigration

Considering the significant growth of international trade and increased accessibility of travel, many students and professionals desire to work and live in foreign countries.

Canada is one of the most popular and anticipated nations in the world, thanks to its modern technology, superior education facilities, and best tourist attractions in the world. But it is not always simple as expected to get a visa to live and work in Canada.

You may want to manage the whole visa process yourself. According to experts, you must seek help from the best immigration consultants for Canada who can help you along the process. This way, you are more likely to get your visa application successful from the very beginning.

Recently, Canada has changed some of the rules and is yet to make several other amendments. So, you should look for the best immigration consultants who stay updated with Canada Skilled Immigration requirements. The immigration law is changing constantly and it is not easy to keep up with it. So, it is not easy to meet the latest criteria for your application. This is where you need the best immigration consultants by your side.

What if your visa application is rejected?

Immigration is more than just filling some documents and getting visas processed. It involves a lot of details to consider. You may often ignore certain factors due to which embassies can reject your visa application. We analyze and review the information submitted from your end. We ensure accuracy of each detail. This way, we can save you from any legal trouble in future.

You may not want to submit an incomplete application which leads to delays or even rejection. Incomplete, missing or confusing information is one of the main causes of visa rejection. Immigration officials cannot query all the cases that seem to be doubtful because they have to handle hundreds of thousands of applications each day. You know the circumstances of visa rejection. You may end up repeating the same process again and, even worse, pressing your travel plans ahead.

But you can stand a much better chance when you don’t have to deal with such unwanted consequences if you hire the best immigration consultants.

All our immigration consultants stay ahead with immigration law updates and stay in the know about what is going to take effect. Our immigration consultants know actually what immigration officers expect and look for in your application. This way, your documents can tick all the boxes needed and you can get the process in your favor.

It is very easy to get approval of your visa at the beginning if you have the support of the best immigration consultants. You can get all the advantages available to get your application granted.

Canada Skilled Immigration Visa

Why Choose our Immigration Consultants Canada?

Many students choose Canada as their next destination for further education. Education system of Canada is considered to be one of the best in the world. Immigrating to Canada is considered to be one of the best decisions of your life. But you shouldn’t leave any chance for mistakes as a student.

We can help you in the whole immigration process. We can keep you updated about everything before processing. Don’t know about the right university? We can help you choose one. Do you want to choose the right program at the desired university? We can help you as well. In addition, we can also help you prepare for vital exams like TEF, IELTS etc.

Filling up the application form properly is very vital to get admission. We can help you along the process of fee waiver and scholarships by keeping in mind your financial factors. We can review all your credentials from time to time and keep them up to date with concerned laws. We are the leading immigration consultants and we can help you in everything. You can always get a study permit in Canada.

If you are going on an employment visa, we can get you covered. You can immigrate as per the rules and policies to Canada. There is a great need for skilled employees in designing, IT, and other sectors. So, an employment visa is another popular immigration process. We can help you achieve the required points to seek Canada immigration. We can ensure that your job falls under the list of demanded occupations.

We can also help you to gain a Permanent Residency visa. We can get a visa to a whole family under the Express Entry program. You can get the right to work over there with your dependents. You can consult with us to choose from different visa options.

Why Choose AandC Immigration?

AandC Immigration is the leading immigration consultancy in Delhi backed by an efficient and professional team. We have helped more than 15, 00 applicants to get PR visas to settle in Canada successfully. We are known for 100% success rate which redefines our expertise and track record in immigration services. We ensure an error-free application process so you can easily get your Canada Permanent Residency visa.

Not just that, our post-landing services are also there to serve you. We have helped a lot of clients to settle in Canada smoothly. If you are planning to move to Canada with a PR Express Entry visa, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to serve you.