Canada Welcomed Over 19,000 Immigrants In June

Canada Welcomed Over 19,000 Immigrants In June

Around 19,200 recently became Canada welcomed permanent residents in June of 2020, which was marked by the IRCC in data released recently.

June Intake for PR Residency Canada was even larger and stronger than May, which was having 11,000 newcomers and 4000 such as Permanent Resident in April, which is one of the strongest numbers of Permanent Intake in the month after the Coronavirus was officially declared as a pandemic.

While In June 2019, there were around 34,000 new immigrations. Compared to the last year, this year the level of immigrants was lower due to the pandemic situation for which Canada has implemented the travel restriction to reduce the Pandemic effect because of which those who were having COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident) after applying for PR Application of Canada was also not being able to travel even after having the permission. Additionally, the IRCC process was also slowed down and got affected due to the protocols of Social Distancing.

Countries with the Top Count of Immigrants in June

Highest 10 Countries in context of Immigration to Canada sources in June 2020 is listed below

  • India (6,760)
  • China (2,010)
  • Philippines (900)
  • USA (740)
  • Pakistan (595)
  • Brazil (560)
  • United Kingdom (535)
  • Nigeria (530)
  • Iran (390)
  • South Korea (355)

Immigrants to Canada source countries leading in this list are so far steady and unchanged from the past few months and years. Immigrants who arrived in June were those who applied in the process months ago. That indicates that even after this pandemic situation, the leading source countries of immigrants for PR in Canada are not impacted.

What shall be expected from the rest of 2020?

The figures that came in June 2020 Indicated that the process of immigration in Canada is not getting usual and continuing with its normal grove. In June, more immigrants were able to tackle the issues regarding the travel delays and all over the other months for their PR in Canada.

However, Mostly immigration to Canadastays in higher numbers during the summers. Therefore, we expect the upcoming months of summers to be as same as June.

Still, irrefutably, the restrictions which were imposed to slow down the effect of COVID-19 will affect the number of counts compared to those of 2019.

However, Canada will continue to welcome their new immigrants for PR in Canada with wide-open arms.

Even though this pandemic, Express Entry draws has maintained a constant number for PR in Canada process by issuing around 3,900 or more applications or ITA in the period of every two weeks.

Out of the two Express Entry Draws that were hosted in last week including FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program), FSWP applicants were removed from the Express Entry process between March and July to focus on the Candidates who reside in Canada as of now so they don’t have to face much of the issues regarding the COVID-19 restrictions.

The start of all the processes regarding the Express Entry Draws, including the candidates of FSWP and Different PNP draws, suggests that Canada keeps up with the policies that they have established for the PR in Canadabefore pandemic situation.

This thing is also verified and focused by Canada’s Immigration Minister and IRCC itself, making it even more genuine and transparent. They constantly marked their words regarding work on immigration growth post-pandemic to grow Canada’s Economy strongly and efficiently.

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