Express Entry: 1002 PNP Candidates Invited in New Draw

PNP Candidates Invited in New Draw

In the latest draw, Canada invited around 1002 candidates who can apply for permanent residence. Each candidate received a nomination from the PNP, i.e. Provincial Nominee Program. Due to this, there has seen a high score cut-off that was 742. Moreover, the best part is all the PNP candidates in the Express Entry Pool received 600 points to add to their score.

Besides this, the IRCC (Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has published a cut-off time for the tiebreak rule. It does not matter it was an actual tie or not. Those candidates who had the minimum score were invited only if they submitted their Express Entry profile in the new draw.

Can you be invited around 940 PNP candidates who can apply for permanent residence? At the same time, they should have the minimum requirement of around 711 points. This problem was the biggest draw.


Domestic candidates prioritized

IRCC has been holding only Canadian and PNP experience classes in the whole pandemic throughout the drawer. It is also because these candidates are already residing in Canada. On June 21, approved PRs can’t travel to Canada for any purpose.

Though Canada travels restrictions by scaling back, the border is still closed for trivial travel. Also, the India flight boycott has extended.

Despite the pandemic, the federal government is still looking to admit record-breaking numbers of new immigrants in the next three years. Around 1,08,500 new immigrants are expected to come through the Express Entry nomination program in the year 2021.

Canada has invited almost twice-express entry candidates in contrast to the last year. This last number has been measured from the historic February 13 draw where IRCC invited every CEC eligible candidate in the pool.

CEC only and PNP only draw their requirements. This is because PNP candidates automatically get 600 points added to their score. At the same time, CSC candidates are not competing in any invitations for other programs.


What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is particularly called for its point base application management system. In addition, it is known for three federal high-skilled programs. These programs include the Canadian experience class, the Federal skilled trade program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

When we see several PNPs use Express Entry to invite candidates to apply for provincial nomination.

If you find yourself eligible for an Express Entry managed program, you will get a score based on your CRS. CRS is a Comprehensive Ranking System based on skilled work, education, age, skills, and other factors.

IRCC also holds continuous rounds of invitation. This issues ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR with the highest-scoring candidates.

Once you succeed in submit, the IRCC immigration officer generally makes a decision considering the application. If you get approved, the last step is basically to cover the landing process and further immigrate to Canada officially.