Immigrants Who Are Working In Healthcare Have More Paths To Get A PR

Who Are Working In Healthcare Have More Paths To Get A PR

As declared by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday the detainment and the mobilization of the health care workers from abroad countries have been given the priority for Canadian immigration.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Marco Mendicino, the Canadian prime minister in the mandate letter specify the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the dangerous health crises ever faced by the country. This globally spread pandemic has created destructive impacts on life and shelters and created a gap in our society, as Trudeau wrote. Problems that arise before the pandemic remain and many others have become even the worst.

Immigrants Working in Healthcare To Have More Paths To Permanent Residency

Ottawa is looking to boost up its program for helping the immigrants working in the healthcare fields so that they can obtain permanent residence to face the pandemic’s challenges.

The prime minister of Canada charges his immigration minister in this Jan. Almost 15 mandate letter with advancing to implement the measures to build the pathways to permanent residency. It’s mainly for those who have regularly provided the health care facilities in the long-term care homes or medical and performed many other essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ottawa’s initiative for making things easy for the immigration with the healthcare experience comes in the wake of several of Canada’s provincial governments utilizing the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) to expand their health care sectors.

Prince Edward Island utilizes its PNP last spring to issue invitations for the essential workers in the healthcare, and the trucking industries is one of the examples of that trend. Nova Scotia one of Canada’s provinces did precisely the same thing, organizing new draws aimed at nurses through the express entry-linked Labor Market Priorities stream in May.

The decision of the prime minister’s devotion to bringing the health care workers will no doubt be favorable news for the territory struggling to get the physicians.

Last year in April, Nova Scotia requested the federal government to bring back the international physicians during restrictions to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Now, the territory heath authority already had 13 doctors from the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa who were restricted to arrive due to Canada’s travel restrictions. With his recent mandate letter to the immigration minister, Trudeau is also pleasing him to operate closely with his minister of public safety and make sure about Canadians’ safety through safe, responsible, and sympathetic management of Canada’s border with the United States and other ports of entry.

Immigration Seen As Key Strategy To Boost Economy

Trudeau wrote that as we are still regularly distributing the vaccines across the Canada, bold action is still needed to conflict the pandemic, save many lives, backing the business and peoples during the time of the crisis, and build back with full energy and dedication.

We are required to work all together to save and create jobs and build up our country to establish long-term competitiveness through clean growth.

Ottawa is intensely devoted to improving immigration to Canada is the central part of the strategy to support the country’s economy from the adverse effect of the COVID-19 public health restrictions.

Economic Immigration, Family Reunification Top Priorities

Moreover, the Canadian immigration minister’s mandate, Trudeau, draw the government’s priorities that were defined in the preceding year discussion from the throne and last autumn’s financial statement.

In the last week, the immigration minister was charged with continuing to admit newcomers to Canada to manage the economic recovery by:

  • Broaden the pilot program to admit skilled refugees through the economic immigration streams;
  • Helping in promoting family reunification;
  • Running the sectorial and regional pilot programs.

The prime minister also demands the immigration consultant to continue finding permanent residency and citizenship pathways for temporary foreign workers.

Agrifood Workers to Be Given More Protection

Trudeau is anxious to protect Canadian farmers and the country’s approach to sufficient food supplies in certain industry sectors.

In his mandate letter, the prime minister asked the immigration minister to help the minister of employment, workforce development, and disability that includes assisting and providing safety to the workers who are in danger due to the COVID-19 and in securing labor to fill workforce gaps in farming and food processing.

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