Manitoba’s 100th PNP Draw Invites 191 Immigration Candidates

Manitoba's 100th PNP Draw Invites 191 Immigration Candidates

Manitoba has announced the 191 invitation in its recent draws for the immigration candidates who want to register for the permanent residence’s provincial nomination.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has invited the skilled workers and the international graduates with the help of their three immigration streams:


  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba,
  • International Education Stream,
  • Skilled Workers Overseas.

Invitations are called as the letter of advice to apply (LAAs) were allocation depending on their individual expression of interest score requirements:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba— 152 LAAs with a minimum score of at least 528;
Skilled Workers Overseas— 14 LAAs with a minimum score of at least 611; and
International Education Stream— 25 LAAs, no EOI score requirement.

On the 8 October draws, Total number of LLAs that were issued this year was up to 3671.

This is the 100th draw of Manitoba from the day it was launched in the year 2014.

Ice Hockey is one of the very crucial parts of Canadian culture. When Manitoba lost its only national hockey league to the U.S., the group business leader discussed how to get back. Their solution was: Bolster Immigration.

The time Winnipeg Jets were sold to the Phoenix, Arizona, in 1996. The business council of Manitoba was established two years later. In the year 1999, they helped create Manitoba provincial nominee program (PNP) in this expectation that this will increase the population, which will support the economy. This will accordingly allow the provinces to bring back their NHL team.

Manitoba promptly found out the boost in Immigration. The several numbers of immigrants who come to the province every year boosted up from 3700 to 15000.

Concerning the Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba got them back in the year 2011, who are having the fans all over the country who were shouting, “Go Jets! Go!”

Express Entry Manitoba

LAA’s has provided 8 October draw that went to 20 candidates with a sustainable profile under the federal express entry system.

Those applicants attaining a high score are entitled to apply for the Canadian permanent residence for the regular draws with the express entry pool’s help.

Those applicants who accept the provincial nomination are awarded 600 additional CRS points, and they beneficially guarantee the invitation to apply(ITA) through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Those express entry candidates who receive the Manitoba’s provincial nomination; under this draw, they have proclaimed a valid express entry ID and provided with the job seeker validation code.

Manitoba’s EOI system

Candidates who want to immigrate from the Manitoba’s provincial nominee program(PNP) need to register an expression of interest with MPNP for receiving an LAA from the skilled worker Manitoba and the skilled worker overseas streams.

Under the Manitoba system, applicants are categorized as 1000 points for the human capital characteristics such as their English or French language skills, education, work experience, Manitoba connections, and other factors.

About Manitoba immigration streams

The Skilled Workers Overseas Category and Skilled Workers in Manitoba streams generally allow the province to nominate the skilled worker who will fulfill all the needs of the Labor market.

Applicants who are applying for the overseas must be having an established link to Manitoba. This can be revealed through the close family ties and friends in the province, previous experience in Manitoba, or any invitations under the MPNP’s Strategic Recruitment initiatives.

The applicants don’t need to get physically present when the application is entitled to it.

Successful applicants who are skilled workers in the Manitoba group must fulfill specific criteria as a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

Those international students who have graduated from any of Manitoba’s educational institutions will soon be receiving the LAA under the global education stream based on the demanding skills.

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