Previewing Canadian Immigration Over The Next 6 Months

Previewing Canadian Immigration

Canadian immigration over the next six months

As we all are aware of the crisis of 2020, this year is challenging for us, but it has shown many ups and downs in our lives. This COVID 19 has smashed the migration to Canada system. Immigrants face so many problems such as language barriers, credentialing services, employment opportunities, and other services provided by the government. Immigrants experts are working continuously to regulate the policies and programs which are affecting the Canadian immigrants. But hopefully, we will see some positive changes in the second half of 2020, and things will be stabilizing till 2021. For instance, Canadian immigrants will be able to access and round off the English language test. They will be qualified to take an educational credential assessment and get eligibility for PR in Canada.

However, we should stay cheerful as we are receiving positive signals from the Canadian immigration minister. The federal government is not being utterly rigid, as they have extended the time to submit the immigrants’ documents and application.

Immigration minister Marco Mendicino is extremely cooperative during this pandemic situation so that immigrants can provide support to the economy. So let us address the critical matter of concerns that we should keep in our mind for the next six months for immigration to Canada.


Restrictions on traveling

The significant thoughts in everyone’s head are when Canada elevates its travel restrictions with the rest of the world. Even if you are the prime minister of Canada or any senior leader, you won’t be able to answer this as honestly speaking no one knows.

The answer to this question will solely depend on how every country is prosperous in combating this pandemic.

As anticipated, this pandemic will be under control as early as possible, and Canada will soon allow the travel across the other nation possible.

The next question in a row is whether Canada will assist international students in time for the fall 2020 semester, according to IRCC soon, it will process study permits. Due to current travel rules, international students who did not possess a legitimate study permit before March 18 will not be eligible for migration to Canada.


Federal skilled workers program

The federal skilled worker program is the essential track for express entry aspirants to acquire permanent residence. Express Entry draws are primarily focusing on provincial nominee program (PNP) and Canadian experience class (CEC) candidates. IRCC looks forward to inviting to apply (ITA) to aspirants in Canada as they are not more likely to undergo COVID 19 disturbance than candidates from the rest of the world.

It is crucial to take a note on CEC and PNP candidates who are getting ITAs from overseas. We are also expecting that successful candidates will be submitting their PR application, and till the time IRCC process the application, we will be in 2021. And we hope till then Canada will lift the travel restriction and get a Canada visa citizenship.


Family class

Now the question arises if IRCC will be ready to renew the open permit pilot before it becomes invalid on July 31.

The pilot offers an open work permit to better halves and partners of Canadian citizens and will provide permanent residents to those who are eagerly waiting for their spousal sponsorship application to get processed.

The biggest hindrance that minister Mendicino has address is that the grandparents and older people are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Therefore, IRCC is taking an account to identify how it can let people travel to Canada in such a way that their health is not at risk.


Immigration levels plan 2021-2023

Now the third and most important question is that what will be the minister medicines 2021-2023 immigration levels plan announcement. This thing will be the most awaiting announcement as everyone wants to get informed if Canada would carry out notably higher immigration levels and whether it would re-establish a multi-year plan

By November 1, Mendicino will inform us about the effect of COVID 19 on immigration goals and all the parameters related to PR in Canada.

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