What Vaccinated Travelers Need To Know Before Entering Canada?

Vaccinated Travelers Need To Know Before Entering Canada

Just with the ease in the border measures, all the travelers who get vaccinated and are exempt from the travel restrictions should have to Quarantine themselves. All the Vaccinated travelers who come to Canada need to isolate.

Apart from this, the other PRs, Canadians, and family members whosoever attended the educational institution with a COVID are exempt from the travel restrictions. The PR holders are also exempt and may travel to Canada.

Patty Hajdu, “The Canadian Health Minister,” expresses that Canada is persistently dealing with the Vaccination proof that the Federal government further handles. It is essential to receive a vaccine that the Canadian govt. approve. To consider as fully vaccinated. If you have received around 2 doses from the different provinces, you need to ensure that you hold the required documentation for both doses. Still, if you plan to travel to Canada, you need to understand several things.

Before you travel to Canada

Before coming to Canada, you have to plan your quarantine if you don’t meet the entry needs of the fully vaccinated travelers. Right after arriving in Canada, you have to take a COVID-19 test. For that, you need to pre-register for the same upon arrival.

You can download the ArriveCAN mobile application and fill out the necessary details there.

  • your contact and travel information;
  • your quarantine plan;
  • your 14-day travel history;
  • your confirmation of vaccination in English or French;
  • a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment; and
  • affirmation of a negative COVID-19 test outcome or a positive outcome took somewhere in the range of 14 and 90 days before traveling.
  • Carry your documents, including a digital or paper copy of proof of vaccination.

Whether you have an Apple phone or an Android one, you can easily download this application on your Mobile. If you are finding it difficult to install the mobile application, you can register yourself at the ArriveCAN website.

At the Canada border

Once you arrive in Canada, you should be asked several details like your provided information, documents, etc., and vaccination proof. Before approaching the border officer, ensure to have the ArriveCAN receipt available on your phone. Besides this, you have to answer the health screening questions, eligibility, and questions concerning the Vaccination.

During the time of testing upon arrival, you need to complete the COVID-19 test on-site. Else, you will be asked to collect a home test to use when reaching the final destination.

If you have the symptoms of COVID or are found not to be exempt from the travel restrictions, you need to follow the instructions that the government representative will assign to you.

After you, arrive in Canada

If you are not showing the virus symptoms and are vaccinated and exempt from travel restrictions, you don’t need to stay at the approved hotel. Also, neither you have to put yourself on quarantine or take other tests on the 8th day after reaching there. All the Children need to quarantine when they get home, and they don’t need to stay at a hotel.

In case you weren’t vaccinated because of health reasons, you have to stay in Quarantine. You need to take the COVID test on the 8th day, and the same applies to all over five years of age.