Refund Policy

A refund policy for any company is a very effectual and vital part of any agreement between two parties. Therefore, after scrutinizing the benefits of both the client and the company our service fee has been customized in a very meticulously and step-wise. Therefore, please be apprised with the fact that refund is not possible if you fall in the below-mentioned scenarios:

  •  1. If Client does not provide the required, correct or genuine documents requested by your Case Officer
  • 2. If Client is unable to score the required bands in IELTS already informed by the immigration consultant prior signing the registration agreement.
  • 3. If Client closes the case because of personal reasons like inadequate funds for filing, moving to another country, family issues, health issues, change of plans, change of circumstances etc.

A&C Immigration Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any refunds in case client wants to cancel or breach the agreement on their own wish, instead, they can hold their case for two years from the date of confirmation from the client’s side

Refund Policy for Installment plan

The registration amount is absolutely non-refundable. If you surpass a particular step then the charge levied and taken by A&C Immigration Pvt. Ltd. for that step will not be returned or refunded, neither the client is entitled to ask for refund of the cleared step anywhere in sheer future.

Refund Policy for one-shot payment plan

If a client agrees to go for the one-shot payment and there is any rejection in the initial step of Education Credential Assessment because of the error of A&C Immigration Pvt. then in that case 50% of the registration fee is refundable after 60 working days from the date of rejection. And, If there is any sort of rejection because of the error of A&C Immigration Pvt. Ltd. at the Visa processing stage then in that case 75% of the registration fee is refundable after 90 working days of rejection.

Defaulting on your payment plan

In case the client fails to adhere to the decided payment plan then this would indeed result in payment of remaining balance amount on an immediate basis. An interest of 2% per month will be implied on the outstanding balance and an additional late payment fee of Rs. 100/- will be imposed every day on the remaining amount.

(All allied overheads will be added to the remaining balance owed by the client towards AANDC Immigration Pvt. Ltd.)