Is It Better To Apply For A Canadian PR Visa Directly Through A Genuine Consultant?

Apply For A Canadian PR Visa Directly

Are you willing to settle in Canada? Is it a Canadian PR visa you dream of? Over the years, Canada has established several routes to welcome new immigrants before you are invited to Canada. Several factors are taken into account, like work experience, skills, provincial needs, etc.

Now the most common question that comes to every immigrant’s mind is a better way to apply for a Canada PR visa either directly or through genuine Canadian consultants. Yes, you can apply for the Canadian PR visa directly, but choosing genuine consultants increases your chances of getting it approved.

Here are few primary reasons why choosing genuine immigrants are a better option when applying for a Canada PR visa:

Guidance in selecting Visa

Each visa category is different in its manner. You might get eligible for multiple visa programs at a time. Therefore, if you are applying directly, it may be difficult for you to make the right choice. Here the role of the consultants becomes more significant.

A PR consultant helps you understand the right visa program depending on your profile and demand in Canada.

Understanding and solve complex issues

The very first step in a Canada PR visa after checking eligible criteria is educational credential assessment. At this stage, many applicants get confused due to sealed transcripts requirements.

Though this stage is not complicated if you understand it correctly, it will save your time, otherwise consuming extra time to understand the process if you help the PR consultant. Uniformly if you face the issue, as your NOC is not correct, an immigration consultant will help with the best solutions.

Well-prepared applications

Your application needs to be well presented. To be accepted by both the Canadian immigration departments and employers. Those applicants who are willing to get entry in the express entry pool.

That is why hiring immigration consultants always a better decision, as they are professionals in presenting your application professionally. They play a vital role in helping you in the Canadian immigration process.

Verified documents and process

Are you aware that even a single mistake in the document can restrict you from entering Canada forever?

Because of your minor mistakes, Canadian authorities can declare you a fraud. If in any manner, you submitted documents that do not match your identity.

However, if you hire a Canadian immigration consultant, they will take every possible precaution to ensure that your documents are verified before it is given for the submission.

Up-to-date with laws and efficient follow-ups

After you complete the application submission, there might be two-way communication, which will help apply candidates and immigration authorities.

PR visa consultant can act as a guide for your application. They also make sure that the communication are held inappropriate manner.

Moreover, if there is any changes in the laws and procedure. PR visa consultants will keep you updated with it.

Suggest Alternative Options (when needed)

Even after fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and submitting the application appropriately. You are not lucky enough that your application will be approved.

In that situation, you will need help from the Canada PR consultants, as they will offer you several alternative options. They will help you migrate to Canada through other visa programs or enhance the chance of the current visa procedure.

Every Detail is considered

The primary factor in Canadian immigration applications is often overlooked by the clients—the change in details as per the situation.

In case you get married or get promoted to another job, or have a new child or any other situation. All need to be updated in the application from time to time. If you hire Canadian PR visa consultants, then they will update your application on your behalf. It would help if you did is to share the information with them.

Canada PR consultants will explain you regarding the procedure. They will update you with everything about the process to avoid obstacles in the future.

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