Quebec Experience Class Program

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) – What are the New Changes Added?

The immigration minister of Quebec has announced some of the new rules on November 6, 2019, for candidates applying for Quebec Experience Class.

Introduced earlier this week, the new rules have put a restriction on eligibility to workers and students whose work or study periods were exceeded. It is because a new list of occupations and education programs has been announced.

However, no change is applicable to program rules for workers and students who are settled in Quebec already. It is majorly because of reactions from workers, students, immigration lawyers and businesses in Quebec. In a radio interview on November 6 on 98.5 FM in Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette, immigration minister, Quebec, has announced the backlash.

New Rules for PEQ applicants

A lot of major changes have been announced on October 30, 2019, by the immigration ministry to the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Applicable as of 1st November 2019 –

  • Applicants must complete their study through Students/Graduates stream in the eligible training area in Quebec
  • It is mandatory to have gained work experience for applicants in any one of 162 eligible jobs through the Foreign Worker stream. With eligible work experience (listed in NOC C or D), applicants should have 18 months of experience in Quebec (previously 12 months).

To be applicable on January 1, 2020 –

  • Completing a French language course shall not be applicable for PEQ applicants to prove their proficiency in the French language.
  • The applicant should also prove their proficiency in the French language at the advanced-intermediate level if applying with a common-law partner or spouse for PEQ.
  • For permanent resident status, all candidates should present their adherence to the values of Quebec bypassing Quebec values test or attending a course in this subject.

Note – The stream of Quebec Student Graduates was closed on July 10, 2019, under Quebec Experience Program. This stream has been opened on November 1, 2019, for new applicants.

What is the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)?

The Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) or Quebec Experience Program has been formed to support foreign students and workers in Quebec who want to become a permanent resident in Quebec.

There are two steps involved under PEQ when immigrating to Quebec. First of all, applicants should be eligible for Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ) or Quebec Selection Certificate. It certifies that the candidate has been approved for permanent settlement by the Quebec Government. Then, the candidates can apply for Canadian permanent residence to the federal government, after achieving a Quebec Selection Certificate. This stage should simply check for possible security and medical issues.

Applicants are required to prove their French language skills in advanced-intermediate level or better in comprehension and oral. You may submit the following documents as proof of language proficiency –

  • Final transcript proving completion of up to 3 years of post-secondary or secondary study on a full-time basis,
  • Approved language test results, or
  • Regular license to practice Quebec professionally or attested document of fulfilling language requirements

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