Denmark Immigration

If you have decided you want to migrate to Denmark, you will first need to obtain a visa to gain entry to the country on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Having made the decision, there’s no doubt that you will have much to organize and may even be wondering how to migrate to Denmark; packing up your entire life is without question a huge undertaking for anyone.

You may be given much advice about how to migrate to Denmark, some of it from official sources. Unfortunately, not all of it holds true.

For example, you may find that you are told to purchase your plane ticket and take it along with you when you present your visa application. However, the Immigration Service specifically recommends that individuals do NOT do this and instead wait until they have approval before incurring any costs to migrate to Denmark.

How to migrate to Denmark:

There are many routes to migrate to Denmark, but if you need a visa this will still be subject to rigorous checks, regardless of which type of application you are pursuing. One of the methods of securing entry is to be invited by either an organization or an individual in Denmark; this is known as having an invite.

If you are invited to Denmark by a permanent resident, you should take a copy of your invite along to the visa processing office, together with the other information required for the application. As a general rule, the following information should be included with your application to migrate to Denmark:

  1. The completed application form – don’t forget to sign and date it!
  2. A small photo measuring 35mm x 45mm. You should be facing the camera in the photo with a neutral expression and the distance between your chin and the top of your head should be between 30mm and 36mm
  3. Proof that you hold travel insurance – this will be required to last for the whole duration of your trip. Failure to provide this could result in your visa being restricted to the period you are insured for. Minimum coverage required is €30,000
  4. Financial evidence to show you have sufficient funds to pay for your essential needs such as shelter and food whilst in Denmark
  5. Proof that you will be able to travel home
  6. Documents which support your reason for the trip