Quebec Selection Certificate

Quebec Selection Certificate – How to apply for Permanent Residence?

Quebec Immigration – What is the Quebec Selection Certificate?

Foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Quebec should submit their expression of interest through the official online portal of Quebec province, Arrima, under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The QSWP is one of the leading immigration programs in Canada and belongs to its Quebec province. It has its official selection criteria and immigration requirements to select the skilled workers who are eligible for Quebec under its economic immigration program. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is different from other immigration programs in the country, such as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and federal Express Entry Program.

The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSW) is issued to the selected applicants from the Quebec Provincial government. Later on, they can apply for Canadian Permanent residency to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

How to Apply?

The immigration application process under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or Regular Skilled Worker Program (according to the Government of Quebec) includes the five steps –

  • Complete Expression of Interest profile in Arrima portal and entry into Expression of Interest candidates in QSWP.
  • The Immigration Ministry of Quebec reviews expressions of interest and invitations are issued to the candidates to apply. It may suggest labor market requirements in different Quebec regions.
  • Candidates should submit “Certificat de sélection du Québec” or Quebec Selection Certificate under Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  • Applications are assessed and reviewed on the basis of selection criteria and employability.
  • Candidates should apply for Canadian permanent residence with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Important Update

As of June 26, 2019, the Quebec Provincial Government has announced that the candidates under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program should make Arrima profile and fall under the following criteria to get priority –

  • Applicants should be a temporary resident of Quebec and their application for Quebec Selection Certificate got terminated on June 16, 2019
  • Candidates should be studying or working in Quebec and their application for QSC should be terminated on June 16, 2019, or
  • Have a valid job offer from a Quebec-based employer.

According to the Government of Quebec, invitations for the Quebec Selection Certificate application must be issued by January 16, 2020. The candidates should meet at least one of the first two requirements who submit the application before December 16, 2019.

Application Process for CSQ

  • Any foreign national who is 18 years or older may submit their expression of interest to Quebec province through its official portal, Arrima.
  • Candidates will be ranked with competition in Expression of Interest Bank through a ranking system. According to MIFI, invitations for application will be issued to those who focus on the labour market and meet specific criteria in various regions of Quebec.
  • Candidates who are invited for application under QSWP for CSQ will be required to meet the passing scores on the basis of QSWP Points Grid.
  • The candidates who meet the above requirement for the Quebec Skilled Worker certificate for financial and educational sufficiency should meet the cut-off score of 43 points in terms of Employability.
  • Language proficiency and work experience will be considered for the overall cut-off score if a candidate has a spouse, children, and training. The cut-off score for Employability is 52 who have a common-law partner or spouse.
  • Candidates who are invited to apply under QSWP program for a CSQ will also be suggested to meet the minimum requirement for selection, i.e. passing mark of 50 points (59 with a common-law partner or spouse). The selection procedure includes all Employability factors, the ability to present financial sufficiency and accompanying children.

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