RNIP Canada Program

What is Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program?

The community initiative of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is designed in 2019 to provide small communities with economic immigration aids. It focuses on helping skilled foreign workers to gain permanent residents who are eligible to live and work in one of the participating communities.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot helps boost the retention of skilled workers in rural areas in the long term. This way, the program will work with territorial and provincial governments, community-driven partners, and other partners from the federal government.

Eligibility Requirements

You should have met all the following requirements for eligibility to apply under the program –

  • Graduation from a post-secondary publicly funded institution or qualifying work experience in the community which is recommending,
  • Recommendation from a specified organization for the economic development of the community
  • Meet the minimum requirements for language proficiency
  • Qualifying job offer
  • Meeting or exceeding educational requirements
  • Intention to live in the community
  • Proof of your financial strength to support your move to the community


At least one of the communities involved in this pilot program should be recommending you. They consider the following criteria to recommend you –

  • You should have the intent to live in the community
  • Economic needs of a community and your job offer
  • Your SkillSet and work experience
  • Your contacts with the community

Once communities become prepared to start recommending and recruiting candidates, you can get more information.


You should have at least 1560 hours (1 year) of consistent work experience over the last three years. You should follow these steps to calculate work experience –

  • Count and note down the number of hours you’ve worked full time and part-time
  • Make sure the hours are in one job, though with various employers
  • Working hours shouldn’t be less than 12 months
  • You must have worked in Canada or outside. If in Canada, you should have authorization and temporary resident status.
  • Exclude hours for unpaid internships, volunteering, or hours that are not paid for
  • Exclude hours of being self-employed
  • Include a huge number of main roles and all other important roles mentioned in the National Occupational Classification
  • Activities mentioned in the main statement of NOC

Job Offer

A genuine job offer is recommended to work in any one of the communities which are participating. Be sure your job offer meets the following requirements –

  • You should have worked full time (up to 30 paid hours weekly)
  • You should have regularly and consistently scheduled paid job which is non-seasonal throughout the year
  • Your job should be permanent with no end date
  • You should be able to perform the job roles mentioned in your experience
  • Your salary must meet the minimum wage requirement by Job Bank for the NOC of your job offer

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