We realize we will convey the administrations of clients expect and we are focused on gaining the trust and building enduring connections. One of our goals is to meet our clients’ needs in a timely and professional way. Our purpose is to strive for excellence; we work hard to continuously enhance our reputation for accessibility, professionalism and the depth and quality of our long-term consultative relationship with the clients.

We at Global Migration Consultancy have made a purposeful attack into Immigration Consulting for basically to four nations for example Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK and understudy visas for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Singapore, Europe and Switzerland for giving a more extensive and unprejudiced viewpoint to our customers on the grounds that every individual’s objectives are one of a kind. Our methodology has been valued and our notoriety is based on trust, cleverness, and respectability and long periods of experience.

We are providing the services for residency and citizenship for the investor immigrant. We are officially recognized immigration and investment program representatives and agents. We believe in protecting our clients’​privacy and confidentiality, and providing them professional assistance and services by keeping constant updates from beginning to end. Ever since our business was established, we always had an image of being a professional and reliable firm. It is our commitment that you can depend on us for our services, which have many advantages to our clients.


To work and settle in Canada is a fantasy of millions and Canada through its liberal movement approaches, various migration pathways endeavor to satisfy the fantasies of numerous hopefuls. The procedure to get a Canadian visa is basic and for the most part on the web, made explicitly to empower the competitors to apply for themselves. Be that as it may, you may require proficient direction as the whole procedure of movement to Canada might be scary, particularly for the amateurs. Most Canada Immigration Consultant offers a standard help bundle that incorporates a free evaluation, pre-screening, documentation help, survey on dismissals and advance direction, preparing for consulate talk with, post-landing administrations. Make a point to profit from a considerable number of advantages by reaching an authentic Canada Immigration Consultant.

Our Values

  • We will dependably apply our approaches and practices with unprejudiced nature and genuineness and will maintain our elevated requirements of respectability consistently.
  • We will treat every individual from people in general with deference, thought, civility, and empathy. We will be compassionate, energetic about alternate points of view and adaptable in the utilization of approaches to address explicit issues.
  • We will embrace individuals based administration to think about our staff’s needs and improvement, upgrade correspondence, develop amicability and trust, and construct an expert group with high spirit and cohesiveness to serve general society.
  • We will stay delicate to the consistently evolving social, monetary and world of politics, acclimatize drifts and realign our business techniques and operational systems to address new difficulties.
  • We will ceaselessly take a stab at greatness in whatever we do and look to be the good example for other migration administrations around the world.

Core Values

We consider in:

  •  Giving clients effective, fair-minded and gracious administrations.
  • Loyally applying approaches and techniques with trustworthiness and unprejudiced nature and will maintain elevated expectations of respectability consistently.
  • Treating every individual from people in general with deference, thought, cordiality, and sympathy. We will be compassionate, keen to alternate points of view and adaptable in the utilization of arrangements to address explicit issues.
  • Perceiving workers with authentic honors for brilliant help past the obligation at hand.
  • Receiving individuals based administration to think about representative’s need and advancement, upgrade correspondence, develop concordance and trust and manufacture an expert group with high spirit and cohesiveness to serve the general population.
  • Consistently taking a stab at greatness in whatever we do and try to be the good example for other migration administrations around the world.
  • Staying delicate to consistently evolving social, monetary and world of politics and realign our business methodologies and operational strategies to address new difficulties.
  • Construct an Immigration Service that encourages travel, advances formative needs and gives outstanding administrations to the Public which is perceived universally for its polished skill and exclusive expectations of administration and control.

To know whether you have arrived on a phony site or a trick, remember the accompanying:

  • Whenever requested to pay to get to application structure and aides.
  • Makes unrealistic movement arrangements, guarantees or ensures passage into Canada or quicker preparing of your application.
  • Requested to give individual data, money related data or make a store even before you start your application procedure.
  • While applying for a Canadian visa without anyone else is conceivable, getting proficient assistance from certified migration specialists will spare time by dodging dismissals and inevitably be savvier.

We accept that movement is the most significant choice of which he/she an individual makes in his/her life. Migration to another nation takes mental fortitude and the choice is ridden with dread and nervousness of the obscure and that solid counsel can have the effect among progress and disappointment. With Global Migration Consultancy as your movement expert, your choices depend on significant appropriate data that guarantees achievement.