Canada Extends Online Processing Of Temporary Visas, eTAs, Adds Exemption

Canada Extends Online Processing Of Temporary Visas, Etas, Adds Exemption

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have announced the online temporary resident’s visa Canada (TRV) applications along with Electronic travel authorization (eTAs), and their processing will continue in the New Year.

The applicants of new categories are added to the list except the TRV applications to submit it electronically.

Under the current rules, all the applications for a temporary resident visa, for work permit and study permit, foreign nationals outside Canada during the application time, and even the applications are submitted electronically.

Those individuals who couldn’t present their online applications because of any inability is now absolved from this necessity and be excluded later on. This will begin from first October, and there will be around two groups of applicants for a temporary PR. Those exempted will exempt from the online submission requirement.

Those foreign nationals who are having an identity and a travel document is issued from a country. This is from mono-national residents, refugees, and stateless persons who cannot obtain the passport and other travel documents from their country of Citizenship.

This is under the candidates’ part-time employees program.

TRV Applications Processing

The government of Canada has stated that priority will be given to those traveling during the time of COVD, and both the new and old applications are considered.

If for getting approved, they meet the travel restriction exemption criteria to fulfill all the applicants and fulfill the eligibility and requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

Those people who do apply before the travel restrictions, they wish to get priority, and they are asked to directly contact the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They indicate how they meet the Exemption criteria, and they have to explain their non-discretionary/ non-optional travel. Along with that, they need to submit acceptable proof.

IRCC has expressed that there is a need to proceed with the application cycle for the individuals who are meeting the movement limitation exception models and going for the non-optional premise. Indeed, non-need TRV applications are kept on handling and denied or endorsed by the typical TRV preparation.

IRCC will send notifications to approved TRV applicants informing them that travel restrictions remain in effect despite their approval, and that travel to Canada is not recommended.

Accelerated Processing of eTAs

Under the current regulations, Applicants will continue to submit the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTAs) online and the processing of eTAs applications that need the agent review to continue to the possible extent.

IRCC will speed up the processing applications of eTA that will require the office review for those applicants who meet the criteria Exemption in the current travel restrictions. Eligible candidates are invited for self-identification and submitting the document and show how they meet the exemption criteria through the IRCC form.

Immigration Canada continued the handling of online installments for TRV and eTAs on July 1.

About fourteen days, Canada has declared that they are extending the travel restrictions until 31 October.

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