CBSA Now Collecting Basic Information Of Air Travellers

Canadian border services agency

From now onwards, the Canadian government gathers the biographic information of those travellers who have recently travelled to Canada by either air or land.

On June 25, the Canadian border services agency (CBSA) provided some commercial air carrier containing the passengers’ electronic manifest so that the passengers or crewmembers could freely move through this aircraft.

Until June 2021, all the airlines are going to be phased fully under this program.

Exit details of air travel gathered from the exit /entry program will not get disclosed.

CBSA stating to the US that there should not be any hindrance in the opening of borders.

Along with Canada’s exit system, other countries such as Australia New Zealand and European Union exit system will also get revised.

CBSA spokesperson stated to CIC news that Canada and the US exchange the biographic information of travelers of both the countries to each other. Both countries utilize the information to establish entry and exit of respective countries.

If any traveller is caught illegally residing in Canada or any other country, their act is considered criminally inadmissible based on the case to case.

Foreign nationals who migrated to Canada can now apply for immigration applications such as work and study permits, visitor visas, permanent residence in Canada, and citizenship.

Information regarding entry /exit is the emerging way of making the information available to border officers to access the information and quickly perform their duty, containing coronavirus travel restriction.

CBSA is an authentic and reliable source for travel information. CBSA convey travel information to immigration refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the provision of entry/exit program. This information verifies the number of days the immigrant has been staying in the country and cross-checking the number of days he applied to stay in that county.

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