North Bay To Launch Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot

North Bay to Launch Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The city of North Bay is expected to launch its rural and immigration pilot within the next few weeks.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot or RNIP is a community-driven program that is designed to enable the small communities and to benefit them in the contribution of economic immigration

By providing the potential candidates, immigration to get a PR. This program is intended for the skilled foreign workers who want to live and rank here in one of the participating communities.

North Bay, being a small city, approx. 300 km North Toronto, Soon, it will be the 10th community that accepts applications through RNIP, as soon as it launches its site in the coming weeks.

Just like North Bay, there are other 11 RNIP participating communities having Quota for 100 community recommendations. This is for the first year for the Pilot project.

Even Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot has designed to connect the foreign workers along with the Employees, and this is for those people who are facing labor shortages in the small Canadian communities. Each community along with its size, location, employment, opportunity as well as ability helps the newcomers to select for the settlement.

Once the North Bay site goes live, it will be possible for the candidates to submit the applications and post the job offer for the Employers.

There is an eligible offer for permanent full-time Employment in the participating communities that are required, and those applicants receive the community referral through RNIP, and people can apply for a PR in Canada.

Just because, RNIP is community-driven, the participating communities take the lead to attract the new immigrants or temporary foreign workers that are already in Canada and these people match themselves for the local job opportunities.

The matching process varies from Community to Community. In the North Bay case, the interested candidates get involved in the community, and they are bilingual and have an advantage.

As per the Carr, the family-friendly amenities of North Bay, Freshwater lakes, and proximity of major centers, along with that reasonable hosting prices, all these things make the community the most attractive option for the newcomers.

North Bay will soon review the applications by immediately following the program launch. To start with those candidates who are already in the Country and they are having full-time employment in high-demand areas.

During the long term, Carr hopes the RNIP to maintain and increase the pollution and accordingly help to fill up the positions for some time and prevent the business from expanding and bring the new contract for both products and services.

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