Permanent Residency Requirement in Australia

Permanent Residency Requirement in Australia

Considering moving to Australia permanently? Then you need to apply for an Australia Permanent Residency Visa. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about applying for the Australia Permanent Resident Visa. It’s not an easy process and the Australian authorities are quite demanding along the process, but you’ll see it’s worthy if your dream is to spend the rest of your life in Australia.

Main Requirements for Getting an Australian Visa 

Although Australia welcomes a lot of foreigners for living and working in the country, you’ll need to know the specifics of the type of visa you’re applying to. There are all sorts of different permanent residency visas for Australia, from working visas to marriage-granted visas and accompanying a family member who lives there who might need your help. We recommend you contact the Australian authorities to find out which type of visa best matches what you will be doing in Australia. However, even if you’re applying for an Australia visa online, there are a few requirements you’ll always have to meet. We’ll discuss them along the rest of this article. These include Health, Character, English Language and Bio-metrics.  


The Australian authorities might require medical exams to decide whether you are welcome in their country or not. These medical exams might also require your medical history from other countries you’ve lived in, and their main purpose is to determine how much it might cost to the Australian Healthcare System to take you in if you have pre-existing conditions, even if you are able to pay for private treatment. This requirement determines if you could possibly be taking away from other residents the ability to get treated for any condition they might have and tries to ensure that everyone in Australia has the same access to medical care by default, whatever the condition they suffer from.


If you have ever been on trial, even if not convicted, or involved in any legal issue in any country, be it Australia or not, you have to disclose that information to immigration officers. The country does its best to keep away from it anyone who might cause any issues in Australian land, especially legal issues related to hate crimes and sexual harassment. This can be an issue with your application even if the charges against you on a previous case have been dropped.   

English Language 

The Australian immigration officers have different requirements for English language skills according to the type of visa you are trying to achieve. These include Functional English, Vocational English, Competent English, Proficient English and Superior English; and the type of English skills you need to get an Australia Permanent Resident Visa will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for, especially as a student or skilled worker trying to live in the country.   


When applying to an Australian Permanent Residency Visa, depending on the country which you are from, you might need to get your bio-metrics taken. These include a picture of your face without glasses or any other thing that might hide the way you really look, and the fingerprints of all your fingers. You can check the list of the countries from which bio-metrics are required at the Department of Home Affairs website from the Australian Government.  

These are the main requirements that you’ll have to look into when applying for Permanent Residency in Australia. If you have nothing to hide, do not be afraid – Australia looks forward to help anyone seeking a permanent residency there who does not pose a threat to its values. However, you need to take these in account when applying since Australia has quite tight requirements for allowing anyone to take up permanent residency there.

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