Canada PR Fees


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Canada PR Visa Application Fee from India

The processing fee is the definite expenditure which has to be paid to the government authorities of Canada. Under each program, processing fee varies.

Below is the processing fee for primary, secondary as well as child applicant in each category of a program offered by Canada-

Economic class application- Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) category:

Processing fee

  • Primary Applicant – 825$
  • Secondary Candidate (Spouse / Common-law partner) = 825$

Right of permanent residence fee

    • Primary Applicant – 500$
    • Secondary Candidate (Spouse / Common-law partner) = 500$
    • Children (Under 22 years of age) = 225$ each

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) category:-

  • Primary Applicant – C$1325
  • Spouse or de facto spouse – C$500
  • Each dependent child = C$225

Provincial Nominee Program – Exact amount will depend on the Province you are migrating but general consensus is-

  • Primary Applicant – 550$
  • Secondary Candidate (Spouse / Common-law partner) = 550$
  • Children (Under 22 years of age) = 150$ each

1.Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (OINP) fee 2019:

Ontario attracts many skilled individuals every year as it is the capital province and naturally more facilitative than the rest of Canada. To be eligible for nomination from Ontario, your Comprehensive Ranking Store (CRS) while in the EE pool must be 400 and above. Ontario sends Notification of Interest (NOI) to those with CRS 400 and above. After getting NOI, you need to pay a fee of CAD$1500 to Ontario.

2.Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program (SINP) fee 2019:

SINP is yet another admired pathway to Canada Immigration. If you are willing to move to the Saskatchewan province of Canada, a fee amounting to CAD$ 300 is to be paid for the Saskatchewan nomination.

Apart from the Processing charges a few other charges that are included in the immigration list are

  • Right to Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) – The fee charged under this category is 500$. Once you are selected and apply for a PR visa, you will need to pay the cost of issuance of the PR visa to Canada. The average cost of issuance revolves around 825 CAD
  • Travelling Tickets – The general airplane ticket for one person is 1300$ – 1800 $ per person.
  • IELTS Exam Cost– The registration cost for the exam at present is Rs. 12,800
  • The Education Credential Assessment (ECA) – The cost of acquiring this document is 230 Canadian dollars (CAD).
  • Medical examination – The average cost of each medical exam is approx. 160 CAD.(varies from state to state)
  • Police Certification Cost – The total cost of getting these certificates to vary and depend upon the number of persons traveling with you but on average you will require 15$per person

What are the documents that you need to show in order to immigrate to Canada?

  • Passport Procurement Costs
  • Medical Certificate Fees
  • Permanent Residency Application and Right of Permanent Residency Costs
  • Proof of Funds

Your funds must be your original assets and the borrowed amount of money cannot be considered as Fund. Most prominently accepted forms of assets are:-

  • Cash
  • Savings account Balance
  • Bonds, shares, debentures, etc.
  • Other similar Financial assets

Fund Requirements on the basis of the size of the family/ number of members immigrating to Canada-

Number of family members Funds required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,475
2 $15,772
3 $19,093
4 $23,542
5 $26,292
6 $29,652
7 $33,014
For each additional family member $3,361

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