Quebec PNP Skilled Worker Program

Quebec stands second among the most popular provinces in Canada after Ontario and is among the 10 provinces of the nation. Most of the population in Quebec speaks in French as it is the only official language in this province. Quebec is known to have an open, market-oriented and advanced economy. The province has witnessed a great change in economy over the past decade with a solid base in knowledge. It holds one of the highest GDP growth rates in Canada.

To stay ahead in the growing economy, the province of Quebec must meet the needs of skilled workers in the job market. By having a special agreement with IRCC, Quebec nominates the qualified immigrants with required work experience and skills to live and work as a permanent resident in the province. Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the pathway to get immigration for those candidates.

What is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a PNP program which allows skilled immigrants to work and live in the province and gain permanent residency over there. Thanks to the special agreement with Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada, provinces can choose immigrants to adapt to live in the province well.

In order to apply for permanent residency in Quebec, you need to undergo two stages –

  • Apply to the Quebec provincial government which issues the Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ. Province selects its permanent residency holder in the province with this certificate.
  • Candidates should apply to IRCC for a Canada PR visa with a CSQ certificate after that.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to gain permanent residency in the province, you should first get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). The Quebec PNP program is based on points as part of the Express Entry Program by the federal government. They nominate only highly skilled immigrants who they think will help in the economic growth of the province.

Minimum 50 points must be scored by an applicant according to this system. Minimum 59 points must be scored by an applicant having a common law partner or spouse. Applicants can be awarded with these points on the basis of credentials they submit. Here are the selection factors and maximum points for Quebec PNP program in 2021 –

  • Academic Qualification – 14
  • Training – 12
  • Valid job offer – 10
  • Work Experience – 8
  • Language Proficiency – 22
  • Age – 16
  • Common-law partner/spouse – 17
  • Family and stay in province – 8
  • Financial stability – 1
  • Accompanying children – 8

Note- It is very vital to score 1 point in the selection factor of financial stability. This way, provinces can be assured that a candidate can financially help both his family, himself and any family member accompanying him when moving to Canada.

How to immigrate as a skilled worker to Quebec from India?

Applicants should be registered under the Expression of Interest system of the province to immigrate to Quebec.

Expression of Interest
The Expression of Interest system was introduced on 2nd August, 2018 in order to make the process of QSWP applications smoother for the province. Applicants must prove their intent to live in the province to start the process. They need to create a profile in the Expression of Interest system to apply for the program.

The provincial government of Quebec has provided different types of portals to the applicants. These portals are basically the entrance to apply for permanent residency for the applicants. Here are these immigration portals –

Mon Projet Quebec – Applicants need to submit an application at Mon Projet Quebec in order to apply for immigration to Quebec under Quebec Skilled Worker Program and get an invitation from the government. Here are some of the features for candidates in this portal –

  • Finish application process for CSQ certificate
  • Check application status
  • Make online payments
  • Make changes in application
  • Access online messaging along the process

Arrima – MIDI is the immigration ministry of Quebec province which has introduced Arrima Portal for accepting Expression of Interest (EOI) on September 18, 2018 for applying for QSWP. First of all, applicants must submit their profile to apply for the QSWP program through Arrima portal. This portal is available all year round. This way, one can easily apply for the process any time.

Documents Required

In order to apply for QSWP program in 2021, candidates have to submit the following documents –

  • Quebec Immigration Form A-0522-OA (contract for Financial Self-Sufficiency)
  • Birth Certificate Xerox copy
  • Valid passport copy mentioning expiry and issue dates
  • Passport sized photos of all members of the family going with you to Quebec
  • True certified copy of all agreements for internship completed under study program
  • Copy of documents supporting your work as contractor or self-employed professional
  • Original parental consent declaration in case a child (under 18) accompanying the candidate without parent.
  • Copy of French language test certificates like TEFAQ, TEF, TCF, TEF Canada, DELF, TCFQ or DALF
  • Copy of IELTS testing
  • Certified true copy or original copy of I-T return to show your valid work experience
    Immigration officials may ask for other documents along the process. The processing time for QSWP varies by immigration office to immigration office.

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