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For migrants, Australia is like the country of dreams. Along with picture-perfect destinations and holistic environment, Australia is also famous for its friendly work ethics, helpful citizens and best universities in the world. Australian immigration consultants in Delhi help you open up a great opportunity to grow with personal progress. You can get a better environment to grow in your family. There is a growing and consistent demand for skilled experts in Australia. Skilled professionals are known to have growing and consistent demand. So, it’s high time to take this opportunity and explore endless prospects.

Am I qualified for Australian Immigration?

You can choose from various visa options. You should have a proper plan before choosing the type of visa to go to Australia. There are four types of immigration visa –

  • Skilled Migration Visa – You can apply for this type of migration visa to settle in Australia permanently on the basis of your qualification and skills.
  • Australian Family Sponsorship – You can apply for a sponsorship visa for your family if your member has citizenship in Australia.
  • Australian Temporary Visa – You can apply for a visitor or tourist visa if you want to visit Australia for a short time period.
  • Other Visa Category – In order to apply for business or other purposes, there are several visa options you can apply for by migrating Australia.

Reasons to Immigrate in Australia

There are plenty of benefits of migrating to Australia as permanent residents. You can enjoy quality of living and an unmatched work environment. Here are some of the amazing benefits –

  • Education – Australia is one of the best education hubs worldwide. Students worldwide visit this country for higher education from leading universities. It has over 1200 institutions offering 22000 courses under various subjects.
  • Healthcare – Australia is known to have the best healthcare system worldwide. Medicare offers basic health insurance for all citizens of Australia and it also has a private health system.
  • Career Options – Australia is known to have low skills shortage and unemployment rate. Hence, career opportunities are high for skilled people.
  • Family – Australia is known to be an ideal country to settle in and raise your family. At least one of two Australians is either born abroad or has parents overseas. You can rest assured to have a high quality of living.
  • Favorable weather – You will have mild winters and hot summers in Australia. However, New South Wales and Victoria witness snow in winter in high countries.
  • Peaceful country – Thanks to a lower crime rate than other countries, Australia is known to be a peaceful nation. It houses people from different cultures. The constitution is similar to everyone and is strict against any crime.
  • Affordable Living – Australia offers a very affordable and cozy lifestyle to all. You can have clothing, eating, housing, travel and other basic facilities at an affordable price.
  • What do you need for Australia Immigration?

    You need to have a legally valid Visa to migrate to Australia. It is proof that you have permission from the government of Australia and you are living and working there. There are different types of visas to work and live in Australia as permanent residents. You can apply for Partner Visa, Skilled Migration, Child Visa, Business categories, Family Sponsorship and other categories. Consider your future needs and current status before choosing the type of visa. If you have experience in a particular field and you need a job, you can fulfill the eligibility requirements and apply for Skilled Migration.

    Visa requirements also vary. Here are the basic requirements –

    • For a Skilled Migration category visa, you must be under 45 years old during lodgement.
    • Your occupation must be closely related to your experience from the relevant demand list.
    • You should score the required PTE/IELTS scores to apply for skilled migration
    • You should have minimum qualification as per the standards of Australian education system
    • Positive skill assessment report must be awarded to you from the concerned authority
    • You must score minimum passing marks for Australia immigration under several immigration standards.
    • You should have good character and you must be in good health

    Lifestyle in Australia

    Australians enjoy high quality of living. You will be introduced to welcoming and multi-cultural society, ideal weather, plenty of fresh air, low density of population, great climate, and job opportunities. Australia is known to have one of the best healthcare systems worldwide with subsidized fees. Life of you and your spouse will be changed.

    How Can We Help You?

    Australian immigration involves a lot of steps and is very complex. Our migration agent Australia can help you arrange everything you need. Our experts are serving thousands of aspirants for immigration in Australia over the years.