Australia Spouse or Partner Visa, Important Points and Requirements

Australia Spouse or Partner Visa

Australia is truly a country of dreams for a lot of young scholars, businessmen and professionals from India who are aspiring to settle there. Immigrants find affordable cost of living and easy work avenues the key factors to live in Australia. English is the official language over there. So, it is very easy for Indians to settle down in the country as Australia has a huge number of Indians in its states. We have been serving migrants in India over the years. We can help you all the time if you want to apply for an Australia Spouse Visa.

Australia Partner Spouse Visa Requirements

You need to follow the below requirements to apply for spouse visa Australia from India –

  • Both partners should be above 18 years old
  • Applicants must have a de facto relationship, be a spouse, or fiancé/fiancée of a person who has Australian Permanent Residency Visa, an Australian citizen, or eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • De facto relationship must be over 12 months old
  • For married partners, the marriage must be valid by Australian Law and over 12 months old.
  • You must have been sponsored for around 2 years by your spouse
  • You must meet character and health parameters
  • You must prove that you have committed and genuine relationship

You can provide a statement of your joint bank account, your photographs, joint statements, or anything that can prove that you have a genuine relationship with your partner in an interview.

You can apply for a Spouse Visa from India by meeting the above requirements. You can refer to Immigration Authorities Site of Australia and create your ImmiAccount to apply online or dispatch your documents and application to DIBP (Australia Immigration Office) by courier.

Who Can Apply for Australia Spouse Visa/Partner Visa?

A future husband/wife, de facto partner or spouse of Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen, or Australian Permanent Resident visa holder can apply for an Australia spouse visa. Your de facto partner or Australian resident partner must sponsor your spouse visa application for at least 2 years. You can apply for a partner visa/spouse visa in subclasses 801, 820, 100 and 309.

Spouse visa (subclass 820) is an Australia partner visa offered on a temporary basis. You can settle in Australia and work and live over there on this visa. Extended Eligibility Temporary visa will be provided to you.

Once you spend 2 years with a temporary spouse visa in Australia, you can check your eligibility and apply to get a Permanent Australia Spouse visa (subclass 801).

When applying for spouse visas (subclass 801) and subclass 820 and at the time of issue, you must present yourself in Australia. Even if your relationship no longer exists, you can get this spouse visa. Read on to know when authorities grant permanent spouse visas and in what situations.

You can apply for one partner for both permanent and temporary visas by paying application fee. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) would process the application of your partner visa after 2 years in two stages.

Another temporary partner visa is spouse visa (subclass 309). It is a temporary visa for two years. Thereafter, you can apply for a permanent partner visa (subclass 100) if you are still in a relationship. When applying and receiving a spouse visa (subclass 309), you should be in any country except Australia.

When receiving a spouse visa (subclass 100) you can be outside or in Australia. But you must be outside Australia when applying for this type of visa. You can apply for both permanent and temporary visas for one partner. Permanent visa is processed post two years. This way, you can pay for one application only.

What is the purpose of these visas?

These subclasses might be confusing for you. Don’t worry because we are here to clarify all your doubts. You can understand the meaning of each subclass (801, 820, 100 and 309) and which one you should go for.

What you can do with a Temporary Spouse Visa (subclasses 309 and 820)?
You are eligible to stay, study, and work in Australia until you are granted a permanent spouse visa. You can avail healthcare support but you are not eligible for seeking government funding to study over there. You can have dependent children in Australia under subclass 820 only, which is a temporary spouse visa, when applying for a partner visa. However, you cannot add relatives who are dependent.

With permanent spouse visa (100 and 801 subclasses), you can do the following things in Australia –

  • Study, work and live in the country permanently
  • Sponsor your relatives for Permanent Residency
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia
  • Get payments of social security
  • Travel across and outside Australia for a maximum 5 years. You will need to apply for a new visa after five years to get entry in Australia.