Australia State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190

Subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated Visa

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 also widely known as Skilled Immigration to Australia is fundamentally a points-based Permanent Residence (PR) Permit, and principally meant for those skilled experts and tradespeople who have nominations from an Australian territory or a state. The visa holders may reside and get professionally involved anywhere throughout the specific sponsoring state/territory. The applicants also have a right to reveal the names of some of their family members in their visa-petitions.

Benefits of Subclass 190 Visa Australia

The permit enables you and any your family members, who have also been proffered the permit, too, among others:

1. Reside in the country for an indefinite time frame.
2. Get fruitfully and professionally engaged and pursue studies in the country.
3. Register for Medicare the nation popular and widely used plan for health associated care costs.
4. File a petition for the prized and the much sought-after Australian citizenship (of course, in case you are qualified).
5. Offer sponsorship to entitled family members for PR.
6. Make a trip to and from Australia, for a period of 5 years, from the date the permit is provided (a post that time, you will require a Resident Return Visa (RRV) or a new permit to come back to the country).

Australia Visa Subclass 190

Petitions for the permit are only, and exclusively, by invites. For the invitation objects, it is vital that the aspirants, among others:

1. Present an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI), and also be suitably nominated/sponsored by an Australian state/territory;
2. Be professionally associated with a vocation/line-of-work, which finds a place on the applicable list of the skilled professions;
3. Possess a suitable skills appraisal for the given profession;
4. Be less than 50 years at the time the invite is proffered;
5. Successfully fulfill the necessary English language conditions;
6. Obtain at least 60 test points;

The aspirants ought to also satisfy the required character health prerequisites, have the ability to carry the bare minimum settlement funds, and be ready to stay and do a job in the sponsoring Australian state/territory.

Subclass 190 Point Test Calculator/Australia Point System

190 Visa Points Calculator is the system designed to assess the immigration score needed to acquire the PR in Australia. The deciding score of the Australian PR is 65 points or higher which will enable the candidate to attain the Australian Permanent Residency. The points under the Australian PR Points

The system is based on the parameters of Age, English Language Proficiency, Educational Qualification, and Work Experience, etc.

step by step processing australia subclass 190 visa

Subclass 190 Visa Processing Time

The processing time of Australia Subclass 190 may vary. However, for 75% of applications, the processing time is 7 months and for 90% of the application, it is 9 months. The applicants should submit all their documents on time in order to avoid deferment.

How to Apply for Subclass 190 Visa Australia

Applying for the Subclass 190 Visa may seem stringent at the beginning but once you understand the procedure, it becomes relatively easy to process the application. Like all the immigration pathways, the candidate must fulfill the eligibility requirements and complete the below process.

1. Must partake the skills assessment of the nominated occupation with a suitable government body considering your profile. Your assessment will be reviewed by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), which will further decide whether you are capable of undertaking your chosen occupation in Australia.

2. Upon receiving a favorable skills assessment, you are required to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select program. Furthermore, to increase your chances you have to apply for state or territory government nomination also.

3. If you are short-listed, you will be granted the Invitation to Apply (ITA), which will enable you, attain the Permanent Residency within 60 days.

State Sponsored visa subclass 190 is a skilled nominated visa for permanent residency with highly demanded occupation in the job market of Australia. The Department of Home Affairs issues the visa. With the required qualifications, expertise and skills, you can be eligible and nominated for a Victorian visa if you have a job which is listed by “Visa Nomination Occupations List”.


You should meet the following eligibility criteria to get State Sponsored Visa subclass 190:

Age Limit – You should be under 45 years of age to file an application for state sponsored visa subclass 190.

English – Meet the requirements for proficiency in English language mentioned in Visa Nomination Occupation Lists. All applicants should score a minimum of 6 points in all band scores in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Some occupations need higher English standards for state nomination. Applicants who are working in Victoria nominated occupation list and have been for 6 months at least may be exempt from meeting language requirements for higher English skills and must apply for the same.

Applicants can get IELTS alternative in any of the language tests accepted by Department of Home Affairs – TOEFL, OET, iBT, and others. The authorities also accept Alternative English tests. You need to submit a scanned copy of test results of English proficiency for an online nomination application. Keep in mind that the test result of English language is valid for 12 weeks when submitting the application for visa nomination. You don’t have to submit the score of English test if you are a citizen of the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Republic of Ireland.

International PhD graduates – International PhD graduates can be nominated for a visa by the Victorian Government. Applicants should meet all eligibility criteria and applications are processed in 12 weeks.

Finances – You have to ensure having enough resources available when migrating to Melbourne for you and your dependant family. You need to consider the requirements for financial resources to support your family and yourself before getting work.

Occupation – To apply under Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190 for nomination, your job should be mentioned on “Visa Nomination Occupation List for Graduates” or “Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria”.

Visa Nomination Occupation List consists of some occupations with required experience, proficiency in English language, and specialization recommendations.

State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190 Points Breakdown

Candidates have to score minimum 60 points for passing the test and for being qualified to file visa application:

State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190 Points Breakdown

Age – Applicants can score maximum 30 points for their age. The age count starts when they send an application.

Language Skills – Candidates can score maximum 20 points for their English language proficiency. If you want to score points on the Superior English level, they have to finish English language test for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Trained Employment – You can score maximum 20 points to have grouping of Australia skilled employment and out of the country employment over the past decade. Applicants can file petitions for a visa. The aspirants can work well to be employed for less than 20 hours of full-time paid job per week in the designated vocation.

Educational Skills – You can score maximum 20 points in this category. You can score points on the basis of your educational qualifications when you send your invite to apply. Test points should be given majorly for one of the important qualifications of aspirants. It should be mentioned that points may be given for any important qualifications of candidates. For example, they can get test scores for a doctorate degree if they have also achieved a bachelor degree. Applicants must also have a bachelor degree in order to achieve points for a masters’ degree.

The authority will conduct skills evaluation tests to find out if any skills are mentioned outside of geographical boundaries of Australia.

Australian study – Under this category, you can score maximum 5 points by fulfilling the study pre-requirements of the country. Candidates can have one or more diplomas, degrees, or trade certificates, via subjects taken at educational institutions of Australia.

Territory/State Nomination – Candidates have to send invites for their visa applications. In this category, they can score 5 points maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot score minimum points? Is it still possible to apply again?
By scoring minimum points, you can apply for an Australia PR visa. If you cannot score the points, it is better to prepare further before applying again till the time you scored enough points to become eligible for visa subclass 190.

How to improve immigration points?
Australia immigration points can be improved in different ways. You can claim points for your partner, achieve good work experience, or take the Australia Skilled Immigration Language Test once more.