Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa Australia Subclass 482

Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (TSS) 482 Visa

TSS visa or Temporary Skill Shortage visa is actually a work visa. An Australian company can sponsor their employees to work in Australia with their operations. In March 19, 2019, TSS 482 visa was introduced, replacing subclass 457 Temporary Work visa abolished by DHA. There are three streams of 482 visa. You can be eligible for this visa with skills to fill a position with an employer based in Australia who needs to recruit employees.

  • Medium Term
  • Short Term
  • Labor Agreement

Check the listing of Consolidated Skilled Occupations to choose the applicable stream. If you become eligible under the stream for a short term, 2 years is the maximum period of approval for a TSS visa. If you are eligible under a medium-term stream in your occupation, the maximum period for approval is 4 years for a TSS visa.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • Your job falls under Consolidated Skilled Occupations List
  • You are nominated by Australian employer for a job position who wants to hire you
  • You must have relevant qualifications and skills for your job
  • You have vocational ability of English language
  • You are able to fulfill DHA requirements for good health and character
  • You have substantive visa in Australia or connecting visa A,B, or C

There is no age limit for this type of visa.

482 Visa Processing Time

Keep in mind that it is a temporary visa and companies can sponsor only skilled staff under this visa. They can do it if they cannot find a skilled professional in Australia. So, processing time is very less as compared to permanent visas.

You can apply for 482 visas under several streams. Visa processing time varies as per the stream.

  • Processing time varies from 43 to 70 days for a short term stream.
  • Processing time varies from 38 to 66 days for a medium term stream.
  • Processing time varies from 35 to 52 days for Labor agreement stream

Processing time for Subclass 482 visa depends on the following factors –

  • Without proper knowhow of the process, applicants cannot submit the application with all vital documents in the proper manner. It may lead to delay in process.
  • Applicants don’t provide further information asked by authorities on a timely basis. As a result, it extends the processing time.
  • Several applicants apply for a visa at once. So, processing time also extends due to this reason.
  • Time needed for document verification is another important factor.
  • The concerned government agencies provide details regarding your national security requirements, your character, and health. It takes time to get it done. They may also lead to delay in processing your 482 visa. Our experts will help you cut off the processing time of 482 visas by providing proper help on dealing with slow processing of several agencies and doing the assessments well.

Application Requirements for Employers

In order to sponsor foreign workers to be hired in Australia, employers have to fulfill the following requirements for TSS visa –

  • Have no negative information of the business
  • Business must be operating legally
  • Showing Labor Market Testing, when needed
  • Fulfill employment and salary requirements
  • Nominate a valid and full-time position for foreign worker

How to Apply for a 482 Visa?

First of all, make sure your job is listed under Consolidated Skilled Occupations

Fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  • Proper English language skills
  • Have proper health insurance on your stay
  • Meet the character and health checks needed for visa applicants
  • Look for an employer who can sponsor you for a position you want in Australia. At the Department of Home Affairs, employers can complete the application online for employer sponsorship.
  • Be nominated by an employer. You will need to ask them to nominate you after finding an employer for a TSS visa. You can apply at the time your company submits an application to nominate and sponsor. They need to apply for nomination online with the DHA.
  • Applying for a TSS Visa. After submitting the application for employer nomination, you can apply for the same through DHA.
  • Keep in mind that DHA may take several months to decide for your visa.
  • After getting approval, you can get your visa and join your Australian employer.


My employer has sponsored employees under 457 Visa previously. Is it possible to use the same sponsorship agreement to sponsor employees?
Yes. Standard sponsorship agreement can work well for TSS visa application and nomination to be approved and filed.

I am a marketing expert. Can I move to permanent residency after living for 3 years on a TSS visa?
No. STSOL covers marketing specialists. Hence, there is no way to get permanent residence nominated by your employer.

I am above 50. Is it possible to apply for a TSS visa?
Of course. There is no age restriction for this type of visa.

Bottom Line
You can consult with our Immigration and Visa consultants who can help you cut down the processing time and get 482 visas smoothly and quickly.