Immigration Fraud In Canada, Foreign Worker Should Be Cautious

Immigration Fraud In Canada

Some of the mock job recruiters and phony immigration consultants are continually engaged in the schemes and also spreading the scams. The immigrants are even enticing that they will send money to them. As per the investigation done by the Montreal Gazette from which it has been seen that all these frauds are operating by the ghost companies. Even, fraud people are expressing that they live in Canada and work there. They attract skilled workers from the middle east. To pick up the trust of knowledgeable experts they’re taking part in the detailed scam and their intention is to gain funds and they also pay for the immigration process.

This is also said that the fraud is very complex in nature just because it involves all the so-called recruitment agencies and also involves the immigration consulting firms with the individuals who play multiple roles like an employer, recruiter as well as immigration representative and these people locate in the different path of the country.

Those individuals who became a victim of this reported scam and they demonstrate that they were first contacted by the recruitment workers. In fact, they exclaimed they were looking for workers to hire in Canada. Generally in the construction industry. Their procedure is similar to the standard hiring process and they were even conducting the interviews and filling the human resource forms.

After the first step is completed, applicants are referred to the immigration consultant and them people ask for the individual documentation. Along with this, they ask for money. Most of the time, people got the victim of this well-orchestrated scam just because many people look for a job in Canada and they people take the advantage of this.

How do fraudsters figure out how to convince anyone?

The people mainly offers detailed information and create a website to gain the trust of people. People think it’s a reputed company. They show credible job offers and in fact, they mention the name of some people that are almost stolen. This is very true as the immigration consultant is assigned to them. In fact, their identities look real but they copy everything and post the profiles of well repute peoples.

Apart from it, the people use the data and offer the claim that is associated with legitimate Canadian government and companies. These people do this thing so that all think this information is true and then they people gain the trust of members. The fraudsters do all this work.

What would you be able to do to ensure yourself against migration extortion?

Those people who wish to come to Canada as a PR are generally encouraged by them to conduct a background check of different representatives who provide a service by asking many questions like:

Am I really addressing my representative of choice?

They need to perform more diligently and they need to ensure that they are actually talking to the right representative before engaging their services. Some of the fraudulent individuals are authorized lawyers and they mostly prefer calling from consultant emails. You need to avoid sharing your information with any of the people.

Is the job offer legitimate?

Some people act as an immigration representative and a recruiter and they people look forward to knowing what to be the offer of employment in Canada. Those individuals who gain the job offer must cross-check if they are real and they should consult the third party. along with this, they need to ask for the proof and carefully check the website of the company to know if this job offer is real or valid.

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