Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic immigration pilot is a most optimized plan of migration program that permits the businesses of Canada in the four Atlantic areas like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and Prince Edward Island to hire the foreign nationals for job for which locally could not fill.

During the year 2017, it was presented and the provincial government partner and the government means to welcome across 7,000 newcomers alongside their families in the Atlantic area through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

You need to identify if you are chosen for the immigration program or not.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program


The main aphorism behind the planning of the Atlantic immigration program is to invite the extra new comers in the Atlantic Canada district to satisfy the neighborhood employers and community needs.

The long-term pilot program permits the assigned managers to enlist, identify and hold the worldwide talent. The other primary objective of this program is to help the population growth and the development of skilled force and the expanding business rates in the region.

In fact, the Pilot program is the form part of the overall Atlantic growth strategy that focuses on general priorities like:

  • Skilled workforce and immigration;
  • Innovation;
  • Clean growth and climate change;
  • Trade and investment; and
  • Infrastructure

Let us consider how the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program functions.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program is a business driven program that encourages the foreign laborers for recruiting. All the main candidates that are moving to Canada through the Pilot program also have an assigned bid for employment from an assigned business and along with this, an individualized settlement plan for them and their family.

At the point when an assigned business finds any candidate then the entirety of their work needs are satisfied and all the criteria has been met. At that point, that business from the start gives a bid for employment. The business doesn’t have to experience the cycle to acquire the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under this program.

At the point when the competitor acknowledges the activity, the next step of the business is to associate the Candidate with the assigned settlement specialist provider organization and build up the settlement plan. Indeed, the business will uphold the new worker for long haul joining and if that it is, appropriate for his/her family. Therefore, they can arrive at their objectives by showing up in Canada.

Employers need to fill in the job vacancy immediately and then they can get a temporary work permit. This work license will permit the Candidate and his family at the earliest opportunity. If the candidate want to obtain the work permit, the candidate requires;

  • A valid job offer.
  • A commitment to apply as a PR in Canada that is of around 90 days within work permit.
  • A letter from Province.
  • An employer designation.

All the businesses who need to employ the talented workers through the Pilot program can apply for the area to get a different assignment. Bosses whose area is in many regions feel the need of a different assignment for a different area. The business needs to satisfy the specific prerequisites along with a guarantee to help the newcomer for his/her family as they individuals are incorporating for their new life in Atlantic Canada.

Candidate Requirements

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has two projects for skilled laborers:

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Whatever is the prerequisite, be it Education, work understanding and the job offer. This relies upon the people who are applying it or any global student graduate is applying. In addition, the other two requirements are the equivalent for them two.

However, there are other potential approaches to move to Atlantic Canada.

From the previous years, Atlantic area is now dynamic in the immigration through Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. This program is the source that has helped many skilled workers to move to Canada. Indeed, the alumni are invited to proceed with their investigations and furthermore some business immigrants like Entrepreneurs.

From the year 2015, the entire Atlantic province has applied at any rate one PNP stream from the Federal Express Entry framework. This also permits those competitors who are qualified for the express section pool to move.