Canadian National Occupation Classification List

The cycle of Canadian migration starts with the list of Canada National Occupation Classification or NOC list. This thing implies you have to pick the correct NOC for your application. This NOC is a recognized framework that defines and sorts out the occupation for looking for candidates. This framework relegates a special four-digit code and, separated from it, extends to the employment opportunity obligations for every occupation dependent on the Canadian work market necessities. This NOC assumes a significant function in helping the candidates and builds the interest for occupation in their skilled laborer Canada list.

National Occupation Classification is recognized from Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada for example IRCC. The candidate should guarantee a NOC code to present his application to the Canada Express Entry System and before that, to submit for economic migration.

In National Occupation Classification or NOC, there are more than 200 occupations. Here, we are making a high-level classification list considering the major skilled level.

Canadian National Occupation Classification List

Skilled Workers NOC List: Find Your NOC Code

0112   Human resources managers

0113   Purchasing managers

0114   Other administrative services managers

0122   Banking, credit and other investment managers

0631   Restaurant and food service managers

0211   Engineering managers

0714   Facility operation and maintenance managers

0911   Manufacturing managers

0912   Utility managers

1111   Financial auditors and accountants

1112   Financial and investment analysts

1114   Other financial officers

1221   Administrative officers

1223   Human resources and recruitment officers

1225   Purchasing agents and officers

1241   Administrative assistants

2131   Civil engineers

2132   Mechanical engineers

2171   Information systems analysts and consultants

2172   Database analysts and data administrators

2173   Software engineers and designers

2174   Computer programmers and interactive media developers

2175   Web designers and developers

2281   Computer network technicians

2282   User support technicians

0422   School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education

0423   Managers in social, community, and correctional services

0431   Commissioned police officers

0432   Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers

0433   Commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces

0511   Library, archive, museum, and art gallery managers

0512   Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and performing arts

0513   Recreation, sports, and fitness program and service directors

0601   Corporate sales managers

0621   Retail and wholesale trade managers

0015   Senior managers – trade, broadcasting, and other services

0632   Accommodation service managers

0651   Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.

0711   Construction managers

0712   Home building and renovation managers

This is important for all the competitors to pick the correct NOC code. No matter, you apply through Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry System, Choosing the correct National Occupation Classification makes a huge difference to decide Canada’s PR qualification. The applicants need to guarantee that whatever NOC code they choose to pick can adjust for the professional experience and does not dismiss. Along with this, candidates have an adequate report to demonstrate their experience for a specific NOC code.

All the NOC code accompanies an exceptional feature simply like, lead statement, obligations, and duties of the primary list. This is to be noticed that Canada’s work matches the activity obligations on the Canadian occupation list, and it is recorded there. Thus, if any work is finished with various businesses and assignments. All their previous experiences have their diverse NOC code. With the end goal of migration, you have to choose an essential as well as optional NOC along with your all past experiences.

If you want to demonstrate the NOC code you choose is the right one, then for that, you need to provide some supporting documents in favor of your application. Either these documents can be a reference letter, or your previous or current employer issues it. Along with this, you need to provide a certification to brief about your past position and to prove your tax return, duration of employment, and salary.

Getting a NOC is only a couple hours of work to comprehend the best possible criteria. You can discover your NOC through your underlying assessment service and within 3-4 hours. However, picking the correct NOC is a little tricky and a confusing cycle, at that point, you have to contact the professional immigration consultants.