Australia PR Processing Time – What is Timeline in 2020

Australia PR Visa Processing Time 2020 – A Complete Guide

You can work and settle down for up to 5 years in Australia with an Australian PR visa. You can become a citizen by doing formal work for 3 years. You can also settle down with family if you have Australia PR Visa.

Why Do You Need an Australian PR Visa?

Here are the benefits of Australia PR visa:

  • Freedom to work, live and settle down in any part of the nation
  • Free education for your children up to a specific age
  • Family members are officially allowed to live with you
  • Health and work benefits for family and yourself
  • Sponsor relatives for PR status

Requirements for Australia PR Visa in 2020

Here are the requirements you need to meet to qualify for Australia PR visa:

  • Age – Applicants must be under 45 years
  • Points – Maximum 65 points are required under Point’s Grid
  • Occupation Nomination – Your occupation must be nominated in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Language – You should have at least a competent level of English language skills.
  • You need to prove your good character and health.
  • Skills – Your skills will be assessed on the basis of your work experience and education by the concerned authorities.

How much does Australia PR Visa cost in 2020?

  • Primary Applicant – INR 1,95,000 or AUD4045
  • Spouse or dependent above 18 years – INR 95,180
  • Children or dependent below 18 years – INR 48000 or AUD940

What is the Australia PR visa points system?

Every candidate is evaluated on the basis of specific criteria like English language proficiency, age, work experience, or qualification, who has applied for Australia PR visa. You should achieve 65 points minimum to qualify.

Australian PR Visa – How to Apply?

You first have to check eligibility before applying for PR Visa in Australia. You should have scored 65 points to qualify. After confirming your qualification for Australia PR visa, skill assessment is the next requirement. Concerned authorities will conduct the skill assessment when you submit your application online.

The “Expression of Interest” is the online pool system. You should submit the documents to DIBP within 60 days of accepting your application. You will be granted an Australia PR visa after verifying the documents successfully.

Steps to Apply for Australia PR Visa

  • Check whether you are eligible for not
  • Apply for skill assessment with the concerned authority
  • Submit the documents for Expression of Interest
  • Apply for visa online with all paperwork in 60 days of EOI’s approval

Australia PR Processing Time 2020

The actual Australia PR Processing Time is based on several factors or stages. Each stage has a specific time. Listed here are the tentative timelines –

  • Skill Assessment – Your work experience and academic qualification are assessed in this stage. A designated skill assessment authority will conduct the same. You can get the results quickly after submitting all the documents. It usually takes up to 45 to 60 days for processing.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) – To prove your interest to settle in Australia, you need to visit the official website of Australia – Skill Select. This stage relies on the eligibility score you have achieved. A higher score means you can have higher chances for an Invitation to Apply (ITA). So, your score is the main deciding factor for processing time.
  • Submitting Visa Application – After receiving ITA, submit your application for a PR visa to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). You need to do the same within 60 days after receiving an Invitation to Apply. You have to add details of dependents if any.
  • Medical Examination and Verification – It takes a long time for approval of character and medical certificates. So, you need to apply for medicals and verification quickly after getting ITA. This way, you can submit for visa approval faster.
  • Visa Approval – Once all the documents have been furnished, the DIBP conducts proper research. They will grant you a visa once all your details have been verified. It takes up to 3 to 5 months.
  • Departure – After approval of the visa, you need to migrate to Australia within 6 months.