Immigrate to Canada from India

How to immigrate to Canada from India

Thousands of people from India migrate to Canada. These immigrants are from almost all cities like New Delhi, Chennai, or Mumbai. Canada’s lenient immigration policy has made the shifting to Canada very easy for all the immigration programs, foreign nationals, and their families so that they, by shifting to Canada, make their lives better.

Even Indians do enjoy better working conditions and living in Canada, mainly when we discuss higher wages. Personal growth and job satisfaction. What more benefit you get from the excellent education system and public healthcare accessible for all the PRs and citizens. Do you also wonder if Canada is an ideal place for you to immigrate? Let’s proceed further and clear this thing.

Why is Canada the best place to immigrate in 2021?

There is no doubt that Canada is the most covered immigration destination for people across the world. There has been a rapid increase in numbers in recent years, which will continue over the years in the country. This will continue because Canada has set an ambitious target to invite millions of people in the next five years. The reputation and the immigration-friendly nation of Canada have made it easy for people to shift to Canada and accordingly explore new job opportunities, education, and quality of life. Simultaneously, in Canada, a free society and a presence of sustainable livelihood compel the individual to leave their home country and migrate to Canada for a better future.

The most developed nation, Canada, is considered as the land of promising opportunities. Consisting of a safe neighborhood, healthy climate, high-quality education, and a high standard of living make Canada a perfect place where you can freely settle with your family.

What Are The Options For Immigrating To Canada From India

From 2019 to 2021, Canada has done all the setup to welcome thereabout more than 1 million immigrants through their sources of immigration courses. There are several routes through which we can immigrate to Canada from India, and thus you can quickly Secure Your PR visas. They are described as follows:

  1. Express Entry System
    • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
    • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
    • Canadian Experience Class
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Quebec
  4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  5. Family Sponsorship
  6. Entrepreneur Programs

Why do people immigrate To Canada?

Canada is a country in North America with three territories and ten provinces. As the second-largest country in the world, Canada is known to have the most lenient immigration policies. Every year, the government of Canada allows and helps in admitting more than 200,000 immigrants from different countries from around the world.

immigrate to Canada

Why Canada is the best place to live in?

Canada provides a basket of allowances and other facilities that help the migrated people to survive in the country with family. The country provides ease of migration for the family so that they can easily reach Canada and enjoy their stay there.

Free education and medical facilities are provided to the residents of Canada for a better lifestyle. Skilled workers and even investors can easily migrate here without any hassle.

The Canadian rules and regulations allow an individual along with his/her family for citizenship in the country with permanent residential status within 3 years within their arrival in Canada.

There are plenty of well-paid options for software professionals and in the IT sector as well. There is no problem for the individual if he or she wants to keep dual citizenship.

Government rules and regulations are quite lenient if someone wants to set up his or her own business in the country. Plenty of benefits and facilities are offered to the residents of Canada, like, old-age insurance, free medical amenities, unemployment insurance, free education, and so on.

The country’s rules and regulations allow its citizens to access the markets of Mexico and the United States as per the agreement of NAFTA.

The System of Education in Canada

The prime concern of any individual is health and education. A good education makes a good society and the world a better place to live in. For that, the Canadian Government has provided free education in Public Schools of Canada up to 12th standard.

Free Healthcare Amenities

Canada is quite renowned in the world with its premium health care amenities. Plenty of well-equipped and well-facilitated clinics, hospitals and offices of doctors are located in almost every community. These clinics, hospitals or doctor’s offices serve for free to all the Canadians who are registered in the National Health Insurance Program.

Old age Amenities

With the arrival of Old Age, people grow weak physically, mentally and also economically. For that, here senior citizens are entitled to an old-age pension. This amount of pension depends on the years they have dwelled in the country. The maximum amount can be calculated up to 40 years after the age of 18. If a person has lived less than 40 years in the country, each year will be deducted as 40.

A resident of Canada is eligible for 60% of his last salary drawn if he or she has served in Canada for at least 6 months from that time and is laid off from his job.

Childcare Amenities and Benefits

A child needs to be brought up in a good and healthy condition. For that, the provincial, as well as federal governments provide an amount every month for the upbringing and care of the child. However, this amount also varies according to the income earned by the child’s parents in the last year.

Social Welfare Amenities

A resident of Canada is able to get an allowance or amenity if he or she is unable to get any job or is not able to support his or her livelihood. Canada is a country that supports many charitable and social welfare programs in order to support the weaker sections of the society.

How Can We Help You Immigrate to Canada from India?

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