Australia PR Points Calculator for Skilled Immigration

Australia Immigration Points Calculator for Skilled Immigration

If you have the required experience and skill-sets and you are a talented professional, you can use a comprehensive tool like Australia PR Points calculator or Skill Select for skilled migration. Australia also implements a point-based system like Canada to invite skilled and well-qualified workers who are capable to address the needs of skills in Australia and play a vital role in the economic growth of a country.

For immigrating to Australia, you can choose from different skilled migration visas for which applicants have to claim minimum eligibility points for Australia PR eligibility and to improve their odds of getting permanent residency. The Australia immigration points calculator has been designed considering several criteria like work experience, age, language proficiency, adaptability skills and education of the aspiring candidates. Applicants should score a minimum of 65 points for skilled visas and have the highest chance of getting ITA.

You can use the Australia Immigration Points Calculator for these categories of visa –

One of the best things about skilled immigration is the Australia immigration point’s calculator which invites only the most appropriate and skilled candidates to Australia. The system is well regarded for its clarity and transparency in filling jobs that can help in the economic growth of the country.

Australia PR Points Calculator for Skilled Immigration

Proficiency in English

Basically, most aspiring candidates should attend the IELTS test. Applicants with tertiary degrees (having similar value to higher qualification than Australian Bachelor’s degree) from an English-speaking country and those from countries where English is the primary language don’t have to undergo the test for proving proficiency in the English language.

But all applicants should take the IELTS test to claim points for Proficient or Superior English Language skills.

Skill Requirements

In order to achieve a skilled job in Australia, candidates need to score points for gaining work experience. A candidate should have experience in a nominated occupation listed on skilled occupations or occupation which relates closely to the skilled employees to earn points and it should be achieved in the last 10 years. Points awarded for skilled job experience should be within Australia. There is a provision to combine points from both tables but 20 points are the maximum limit for skilled employment.

Academic Qualifications

Points are only awarded for the highest qualification of the candidates. For instance, if a candidate has both a Bachelor’s degree and doctorate points, they can be awarded for the doctorate. Any qualifications should be related to the nominated occupation of the applicant to be awarded points and they should be comparable to qualifications in Australia.

Passing Marks

Applicants are required to score at least 67 points to be rewarded with a General Skilled Migration visa.