The Benefits Of Canada’s Parents And Grandparents Program

Parents and Grandparents program in the year 2020 has been opened for registration till November 3 2020

In the mid of October 13 and November 3, Canadian Citizens and permanent residents will be able to submit their interest to sponsor forms on Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Website. From November onwards, IRCC Canada will be organizing the lottery and welcoming candidates to submit the sponsorship application for welcoming their parents and grandparents into Canada. IRCC will be receiving up to 10,000 applications for the PGP program.

The benefits for sponsored parents in Canada are clear for Canadian Citizens and for the permanent residents who plan to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. They get united with their beloved ones. Their parents and grandparents enjoy all the benefits of permanent residents like Skills to work in Canada, Proper health care, and earn the right to become the citizens of Canada.

What are the benefits to Canadian society?

The very First Thing is that the strong families are the backbone of Canadian society,

This is one of the very strong economic cases, which comes in the favor of the Parents and Grandparents.

Through our research, we came to know that parents and grandparents are contributing to the household income. This confesses the families for the greater purchasing power, which will even more benefit the economy.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases we do, and the homeownership rate of the immigrant families is all the more identical to the Canadian-born families (harshly 70 per cent of the families own a home).

Besides supplementing the family income, Parents and Grandparents allow their children and Grandchildren to work for more hours. The reason behind this is that parents and grandparents will be providing childcare, and provide more flexibility to the rest of the family so they can follow the economic opportunity.

In the past, the Canadian government has observed that the PGP is one of the less popular immigration Canada streams among the whole Canadians. This is very clear that the parents and grandparents will be contributing very little to the Canadian economy. Moreover, they are expected to be remarkably spending on social services such as Health care.

But Canada must be mitigating some of the concerns in several ways. Firstly, Parents and Grandparents account for just 6 per cent out of the total number of immigrants that Canada welcomes in the distinctive year.

If you want to move to Canada, like parents and grandparents, and all other immigrants, they need to pass one of the medical tests that will be sanctioned by the Canadian government to make sure that they do not create an immoderate demand for health care.

Third, Canada appoints a 20-year agreement period on those who are sponsoring their parents and grandparents to Canada. It means that sponsors will sign the agreement with the Canadian government that they will be financially responsible for their parents and grandparents for 20 years from the time when their family members acquire permanent residence. The sponsor will be legally liable to repay any of the social assistance on behalf of their parents and grandparents. This will surely result in very less social utilization by their parents and grandparents.

Finally, Canada PR process follows in pursuing economic, social, and humanitarian goals with the help of the immigration system. It desires the immigrants to benefit the economy, and this is the reason why it selects 60 per cent of the immigrants through the economic class. It also aims to reunite the families, which is why it organizes the Parents and Grandparents Program. Thirdly, it desires to assist those who are less fortunate based on humanitarian reasons.

Although it should not be viewed with the help of the economic lens, there can be because that parent and grandparents’ program will even more help the Canadian economy.

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