Express Entry Profile: What To Do While You Wait In The Pool

What To Do While You Wait In The Pool

All those applicants who reached the express entry pool find themselves in winding up of an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination without even doing any efforts thanks to the devoted immigration streams in Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

The main motive of these streams is to find the Express entry pool for the applicants who fulfill the given criteria such as work experience in a given occupation. Those determined are suggested for the province’s interest and invited to apply for a provincial nomination especially for the permanent residence in that area.

The given immigration route is frequently indicated as passive streams as applicants can only register after getting selected from any of these searches.

Express Entry applicants who seek for and also accepted a provincial nomination are assigned an additional 600 points with regard to their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and will adequately have to be in a queue for the Canadian permanent residence application in consequent Express Entry invitation round.

What to do while you’re in the pool?

While you wait in the pool, get equipped to receive an invitation to apply. If you are invited to apply, then you will be getting 90 days to give in a complete application.

  • Get your documents ready
  • Keep your documents ready, which will help you in applying within 90 days very easily.
  • Language tests

Thoroughly analyze that your language test results are appropriate. They are valid only for the 2 years the day you get the test results. Make sure that they must also be valid on the date you are going to apply for permanent residence.

If your results expire before then, you should:

  • go and get tested again or,
  • you can apply again before your test results get invalid(If accessible) or,
  • reject the invitation and get back into the pool to be expressed in the future

And if you dare to apply for permanent residence with inappropriate language results, then your application will be declined.

Police certificates

You are required to get the police certificates either for you or for any of your family members who are more than 18 years of age.

Whereas in some of the countries, it takes much time to acquire the police certificates. Tell them that you are in the pool and you need to submit the certificate within 90 days.

Find a job with Job Match

You can proceed with your job search by establishing a Job Match account with Job Bank. Job Bank is a database that will help you in matching with the employers looking for the workers within your skills.

To get this done, you will require the Job Seeker validation code that you obtained while submitting the profile. Once you arrived in Canada you can constantly use Job bank to find a job.

Sign up with Job Bank

Keep trying to enhance your score

While being in the pool, you can enhance your score and this will increase your chances to get invited to apply by:

  • obtaining an appropriate job offer by:
  • getting a valid job offer by:
  • using Job Bank
  • assisting yourself to employers in Canada through the private sectors job boards
  • get in touch with the provinces and territories to grant you a Provincial Nominee Program
  • Enhance your language score
  • developing your education
  • attain more suitable work experience
  • keep your profile updated

you must ensure that the details entered in your profile must be true and accurate. You must regularly update your profile as the situation changes for example if you:

  • Start your new career
  • acquire or lose a job offer
  • obtain a new language test
  • get married or divorced
  • must have or adopt a new child
  • In case you gave us invalid information then we can :
  • decline your application
  • find you inadmissible
  • Restrict yourself for 5 years to arrive in Canada no matter whatever may be the reason
  • Keep yourself updated regarding the express entry


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