Things To Note In Your Express Entry Canada Application

Things To Note In Your Express Entry Canada Application

Obtaining an Invitation to apply for permanent residence will be one of the most amazing times in your lifetime. Just like many life-changing decisions, this also comes into your life with lots of stress. The days you get your ITA, you will only have 60 days within which you have to keep all your essential documents with yourself. Its looks like that two months are more but have you have to look after all your documents and id proof that need to submit for day to day activities. By doing this, you will avoid any kind of errors and mistakes.

Since RCICs will accelerate the immigration cycle. They likewise ensure that all the fundamental documents are finished correctly. They will submit for your benefit to the Canadian government, you will be approached to present all the necessary documents ahead of time for the permanent residence so they can undoubtedly get confirmed through our individual advisors.

You have to ensure that you know what you have to submit before the submission date that has been set by the Canadian government. The things to note in your Express entry Canada PR application are that you can oblige each and all that requires to be done progress of time.

Things to note in your Express entry Canada application

Personality and Civil Status Document

You will be approached to submit the proper and clear copy of your password and travel documents that generally contain your basic information to confirm your personal identity and your family members.

In case you have a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, you will be required to provide a proper marriage certificate or proof of the common-law union and cohabitation. And if divorced, you need to submit the documents to verify that you are legally divorced, separated, and widowed.

And if you have the dependents, you will be asked to submit their birth certificate or equivalent for every child and adoption certificate.

Work Experience Documents

For proving your working experience, you will be asked to submit your letter of reference. This reference letter is not quite the same as those you will need for every employer that you have had in the past ten years that is clearly related to your opted occupation. The best thing about this letter, i.e., it will tell you what are your daily tasks or duties that is assigned to you through which ICCRC can simply check that do your NOC codes matches your capability and  work experience or not

In case you don’t have the letter of reference with you, then you can easily use several other supporting documentation such as:

  • Occupations letters
  • Photographs at work
  • Agreements
  • Pay slips

You have to ensure that you have the best possible Canadian work experience; at that point, you will be needed to present the lawful tax documents to check that you have acquired the respective expertise correctly.

Confirmation of Relative

This is largely for the individuals who have gotten the CRS focuses on their Canadian profile. You will be approached to confirm that you are connected. They should have citizenship Canada; also, they live in Canada. It’s never an impulse that you don’t have a relative in Canada you can’t get permanent residence.

Medical Examination Confirmation

In this specific document, you have to give evidence that you have great health according to the Canadian government’s principles and guidelines, as you need to provide the duplicate of the document for confirming your health status.

Language Test Results

As it is observed that, Canada immigration process requests the high degree of mastery in English or French. To show your ability, you will be needed to present the correct duplicate of the test result. Since ICCRC will have the full admittance to your test results and it is viewed as that you have to give the copy of your test results to dodge any postponements, there may be a duplicate case be asked later on.


You should have the two fitting appropriate photographs of yourself, which satisfies all the Canadian government’s prerequisites. You should ensure around one thing; for example, your pictures should not be altered nor modified.

Offer of Employment

This applies only to those individuals who have acquired the correct purposes of the legitimate proposal from their boss in Canada. You need to give a letter of work to an appropriate occupation offered and Canada PR eligibility of an organization letterhead. It should cover coming up following information’s:

  • Start date;
  • Job title;
  • Duties and responsibilities;
  • Number of work hours per week; and
  • Annual salary plus benefits.

You are asked to give your Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) number, if applicable. LMIA totally depends If your offered job is treated to be the High wage – or low wage-position. Some of the immigration streams asked for the LMIA, and the requirements are depending on the particular area or province.

Government Processing Fees

This is to make sure that you have the appropriate government processing fees as well as the right of permanent residence fees.

Police Clearance Certificates

These certificates make sure that you are eligible to apply for Canada PR. You will be required to submit one for every country, region, or territory where you stayed for more than six months.

Education Documents

These papers are asked to make sure that you have completed your training and education as specified in your Application form. These papers are required to be compared to Canadian education standards and assessed based on the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

You should keep in mind that if you have any of the language certificates other than English or French, they will be asking for the proper and certified translation.

Provincial Nomination

This is only important where you have obtained points for the provincial nomination. You will need to submit an appropriate copy of the local or territorial certificate of qualification.

Proof of Funds

You will be required to have at least a minimum amount of money in your bank account before you plan to shift to Canada. By this, you will have proof that you can take care of yourself as well as your dependents, never mind if they are going to immigrate to Canada with you or not.

Since immigrating to Canada is one of the complicated and stressful stuff. No need to take the stress. By approaching our accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, you observe your chances of getting success in the permanent residence and get good advice from our experts regarding the application procedure and settle your immigration package based on our personal needs.

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