Why Canada’s 401,000 Immigration Target For 2021 Is Achievable?

Why The 401,000 Target Is Achievable

Inviting across 4,01,000 immigrants is undoubtedly a heap of the mountain for the government to climb. Yet, it can be done. On February 13, Saturday express entry draw invited plenty of 27,332 candidates to apply for PR. This clearly shows that government is ready to welcome more candidates.

During the pandemic, Canada invited around 3500 candidates per Express Entry to draw a CRS score requirement of 470 regions. On the contrary, by the end of 2020. Canada broke the 5000 candidate’s record of invitation.

Why IRCC Held This Extraordinary Express Entry Draw?

When we see the draw magnitude, IRCC felt the need to provide a rationale. IRCC has even explained that the invited candidates were Canada’s residents, and hence, they are likely than Overseas to face Coronavirus-related immigration disruptions.

Once a candidate received an ITA for PR. They need to complete several steps like collecting and submitting documents, getting health and police clearance, submitting biometrics, and traveling to Canada. Before the Pandemic, those in Canada needed to cover “flagpole” the whole process. Everything is almost difficult in a world where social distancing is accepting.

Minister Mendicino: CEC candidates “are ready to build their future in Canada.”

This draw makes sense for the plenty of IRCC and Statistics Canada. Even as per the research, the Canadian experience integrates quickly in the labor market, and everyone faces these difficult economic times.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has stated that the aspiring Canadians are already established there who possess different skills and giving to their communities in return. They are challenging to work in some parts of the economy and ready to build a future in Canada.

IRCC has held the massive draw to achieve the Immigration level plan of 4,01,000 newcomers in 2021 as it focuses on welcoming around 27,332 candidates in February.

Why The 401,000 Target Is Achievable?

According to the level plan, around 60% of the candidates are welcomed under the economy class, and 25% are through the family class, 15% are from Refugee and Humanitarian class.

Keep on reading to know how it has been done.

As we know, the economic class has been transitioning in Canada, and now are the Permanent residents. The welcoming skilled workers who are exempting the Coronavirus restrictions supplant everything. Alternatively, some in IRCC are struggling to wait for IRCC to process the application. Half of Canada’s refugee intake every year is filled with the asylum claimants available in the country. Canada leaves around 40,000 resettled refugees, and Canada might struggle to welcome the country during the pandemic. Instead, IRCC had to choose the resettled refugee shortfall to increase the intake of the economy as well as family class newcomers.

Canada Will Still Look To Candidates Who Are Overseas

If you are currently an overseas skilled worker, you should not lose sight that IRCC and provinces are still processing the immigration application received from the abroad. In case you are abroad, you have to proceed further and submit your immigration application to enter Canada as quickly as possible.

Simultaneously, the 401,000 target appears, but IRCC has overcome many daunting tasks through the department’s history.

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