Canadian Immigration: A Preview Of The Rest Of 2021

Canadian Immigration

Here are two issues that will form the route of Canadian immigration for the rest of 2021.

Canada has enough resources to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic ultimately, and the other thing is whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to call for an election. In the below article, we have mentioned the preview of what to expect in the rest of 2021 in Canada.

COVID-19 in Canada

There have been several issues in the Canadian immigration policy due to the Coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. Each decision regarding the policy made was executed by the immigration department’s ability to prevent COVID-related disruptions. Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched many policy changes and several new programs. The only motive behind all these changes and the new program is to acquire the countries immigration goals and amid the Coronavirus pandemic as well.

In the past few months, we have seen a huge increase in the cases of COVID-19 across Canada. Also, the upcoming news of the third wave of coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdown in the two biggest Canada’s provinces, including Ontario and Quebec, and the fourth-largest province Alberta.

Luckily, in the past few weeks, things have been improved to a greater extent. Now individuals who were the victim of COVID-19 are now recovering slowly. This is only because of the strict health guidelines and the Canada vaccination campaign.

As of now, Canada has acquired more than 20 million vaccine doses.

As per the reports, more than 40% of the eligible Canadian population has obtained at least one vaccination shot which means Canada has now ranked at the top five OECD countries in this metric along with Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Chile.

Also, Canada has expected to obtain another 20 million doses by the end of June. Some political leaders have also mentioned that they expect Canada to return to its normal position by the end of this summer.

Once Canada returns to the normal situation, then it will positively impact the Canadian immigration goals. IRCC, public health, and safety arms will focus more on inviting more and more foreign nationals from foreign countries.

Will Trudeau Call a Federal Election?

As per the recent press reports, it has been found out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to call up the federal election in the second half of 2021. Some are saying these are just rumors. As per the rumors, it has been suggested that this will be tied to the point above. This means that the vaccine campaign will be implemented successfully, if Canada successfully defeats the pandemic, Trudeau might obtain much stronger public support, which might lead him to the third mandate. In 2015, Trudeau won the government with the greater majority, but in the year 2019, he only acquires minorities because his public support fell. However, as per the polls, it has been suggested that he is one of the most popular leaders among Canada’s main federal political parties and is presently in a position to obtain a majority.

The previous two elections were announced later in the summer and were held in October. After that, the list of cabinets was out in November or December, and hence the new government will start to govern in January. The election campaigns in Canada are rarely held leading up to Christmas because of the importance of the winter holiday in the country. Hence, Trudeau might call for the election by the end of September.

The announcement of the election might impact Canadian immigration. But some of the bigger immigration level plans, including express entry, provincial nominee program, and several other immigration policies, might not be affected by the election. Moreover, the execution of new immigration policies and programs and government responsiveness to several emerging issues might get limited until election results have been determined.